WikiHUD is a simple utility that reads pages from a wiki into Second Life. One WikiHUD reads pages from this Wiki. The code reads the raw contents of an article from this wiki. Originally written by Lillie Yifu. The code is open source and the freebie wikiHUD is full permissions.

The secondlife wikiHUD works by listening on channel 4 for the name of an article, and then returning the search. The simple version only returns a summary.

Version 1.02 of the wikiHUD has several command modes.

Because wikiMedia is case sensitive in article names, so are the requests.

Command Modes

In summary mode it returns the first 2048 characters of the article.

In full mode it returns the first 2048 characters of each section of the article, which means that if each section is less than 2048, it returns the whole article.

In category mode it returns the categories an article belongs to.

In word mode it returns the list of articles with the word in the title of the article.

In help mode it returns the help page. (See WikiHUD (Help) )

In World Texture Display

The wikiHUD will display a full permissions texture if it is placed in the first line of an article entry in the {{ik|}} template, with the UUID or key of a full permissions texture after the | character.

Source Code

WikiHUD (Source) contains the most recent source code for wikiHUD.


Freebie WikiHUD here.

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