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The Welcome Area (WA) is the name given to the starting point for new residents coming into Second Life.

The original starting location for new residents was set in Natoma (aka Newbie Corral, around 11/21/02), then moved to Ritch (mid-January, 2003 map), and on 3/31/03 a new welcome area was created at the border of Ahern and Morris. Sometime around June 18th 2003 the Ritch welcome area was gone from the map.

Later, there were three welcome areas. The main welcome area was in Ahern/Morris, a backup in Lime/Plum, and a newer addition located in the Waterhead region. The Lime/Plum and Waterhead welcome areas were rarely used except as a reserve for when large influx of residents come in, or when the Ahern/Morris regions are down.

On March 14, 2005 the Ahern/Morris welcome area was ceremoniously blown up by Ben Linden to clear the old welcome area for renovation.

Current Welcome Areas are as follows:

  • Ahern Welcome Area - Ahern, Bonifacio, Dore, and Morris.
  • Hanja Welcome Area - Gukyeol, Hangeul, Hanja, and Idu
  • Korea Welcome Area - Korea1, Korea2, Korea3, and Korea4.
  • Violet Welcome Area - Violet.
  • Waterhead Welcome Area - Waterhead.

Welcome Areas, Infohubs, and other newcomer areas have special additional guidelines:

  • No shooting, blood or violence.
  • No buying, selling, advertising, begging, or recruiting.
  • No sex, nudity, or offensive language.
  • No annoying, repetitive, or adult sounds.

The last two items apply regardless of the local region's maturity rating.



The old Ahern Welcome Area before being renovated.