Video Linden claims two titles under his belt: the first being one of the first "mostly NPC" avatars in SL (the first being Pony Linden), and the second being the first live "TV"-streaming avatar (while not the first to stream SL out of SL, he is the first to do so regularly and easily made available). Video Linden is a Linden account made to capture video of Second Life and stream it directly to Second Life's main page as well as a special direct link, giving those who may become residents, as well as those who are at work or too lazy to login, a peek into Second Life. One who has been very vocal about the project, and most likely in its taking off, is Reuben Linden (and Jeff Linden too) who can often be seen hanging around Video Linden and checking things out.

Video Linden used to be in Morris in the local sandbox there. He had also made an appearance at SL's Second Birthday Event and ideas have been tossed around that he may travel around SL showing great landmarks. He has not been seen inworld since roughly 2006 or so.

Video Linden's appearance is noticable by his giant camera-like form. If you see him around, say hi! But please don't abuse him as it makes many a panda sad.