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Second Life 1.8.0 Release Notes

Build 6, Dec 12, 2005

Major Features

  • Point-to-point teleportation is now available in Second Life
    • Residents may teleport freely to and from locations they are allowed to access
    • The landing point on a parcel is determined by the location set by the land owner with the About Land > Options > Landing Point > Set button
    • If no landing point is set on a parcel, the resident will be delivered as close to the location specified on the map as possible.
    • Estate owners may choose whether to allow teleport via point-to-point or Telehubs
    • Parcel owners can block teleports onto their land
    • The Z coordinate is honored; teleporting (or logging in) to your Castle in the Sky will now put you directly there!
    • The World Map will be centered on the teleport destination, with a button provided to locate [[avatar]

Minor Features

  • Ripple effect for water can now be turned on in the Graphics preference pane
    • Ripple water uses the graphics card's pixel shading to create more realistic looking water
    • The functionality will only be available for machines with cards supporting pixel shading
    • Turning on this feature will cause viewer FPS to drop to some degree, so it is not enabled by default
  • Improved In-world Classified Ad System
    • The new scheme features the following changes:
      • The new starting price for ads has been decreased from L$250 to L$50 for a one-week run
      • Dynamic pricing of ads
        • The poster determines the price they pay for the posting (starting at L$50)
      • Direct teleportation links are now embedded within each ad
      • The list of ads can now be sorted by the price paid to post the ad (from high to low, or low to high)
      • We have also improved the interface to make it more intuitive to residents

Scripting Changes

New LSL functions

  • llMapDestination(string simname, vector position, vector lookat)
  • Parcels now store look-at direction for landing points.
    • The "lookat" value is currently not in use, but will be in a later version
  • llAddToLandBanList(key avatar, float hours)
    • Add an avatar to the parcel ban list for the given duration.
  • llRemoveFromLandPassList(key avatar)
    • Remove an avatar from the parcel pass list for the given duration.
  • llRemoveFromLandBanList(key avatar)
    • Remove an avatar from the parcel ban list for the given duration.

Changed LSL Functions

  • llAddToLandPassList(key avatar, float hours)
    • Avatars can now be added to the parcel pass list with no time limit by passing 0 as the hours parameter.

Future LSL Functions

  • llTeleportAgent(key avatar, string simname, vector position, vector lookat) (?)
    • Teleport an avatar at a location (requires agent permission)

Bug Fixes

  • Maximum teleport height no longer limited to 256 meters
  • Telehub icon and Infohub icon both appear on Map legend -- visibility is toggleable
  • Landmarks can now be created with a z value of greater than 250m
  • Removed "Show Telehub Coverage" on map
  • Viewer no longer becomes unresponsive the first time you open the Finder
  • Show Updates debug option once again working as expected
  • Resolved a crash that occurred after declining an offer of inventory
  • Fixed a crash when dragging texture onto base terrain swatch in Region/Estate tools
  • Fixed some simulator crashes
  • Resolved a problem with textures only being decoded one at a time

Build 7, Dec 14, 2005

  • Resolved an issue causing residents on a parcel access list to be incorrectly warned access would expire

[Note: Server side, no client update needed.]

Build 8, Dec 16, 2005

  • Resolved a simulator crash caused by some objects that spawn other objects

[Note: Server side, no client update needed.]

Build 9, Dec 19, 2005

  • Moved the Teleport button on the World Map back to its original location
  • Unchecking "Tell me next time" no longer prevents Classified ads from being created
  • Land textures should no longer load slowly
  • Resolved a viewer crash when running in Full Screen mode and opening new windows with ALT-TAB

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