Second Life 1.6.5

Build 7, May 13, 2005

  • Fixed bug where idle/away from keyboard residents would not be logged out for inactivity.
  • The "Stop" button for animation steps in the new gesture window works again.
  • Land in estates can no longer be set for sale.
  • You cannot buy a parcel for L$0 unless you are the authorized buyer.
  • You cannot find a L$0 parcel in the directory unless you are the authorized buyer.
  • Find Places no longer shows land on non-visible islands/estates.
  • Text hovering over objects set with the LSL script command llSetText() now correctly wraps at 1000 pixels instead of 300.
  • Replaced the "nice snapshot" in the Library photo album.
  • Edit tools window now correctly remains minimized while walking.
  • Fixed a performance problem with certain QuickTime? media streams.
  • Simulator crash recovery is more reliable.
  • Attachments save on teleport only if they have changed since the last teleport or login. Scripted attachments always save. This makes teleports faster and reduces the load on our central "asset server."
  • Internal changes to llGetNextEmail() reduce load on our central database.

Build 8, May 13, 2005

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