Second Life 1.6.2(2) April 14, 2005

* You can now make changes to the settings.ini file to switch the font that is being used for Unicode support. Add the following lines to settings.ini for your account:
- in c:/Documents and Settings/<user>/Application Data/SecondLife/user_settings on PC
- in ~/library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings on Mac

FontSansSerifFallback arialuni.ttf
FontSansSerifFallbackScale 1.0

The first sets what font to use, the second sets the relative size as compared to the base font.
The font is searched for in the application directory first, and then the OS specific path next.
* New LSL function llModPow().
* You can now set the opacity of the grid used in build tools.

Bugs Fixed
* Fixed a bug that caused avatar profiles with large amounts of text in them to appear blank to some users.
* Improved performance of chat history window when large amounts of chat have been received.
* Fixed a crash that would happen when deselecting large numbers of objects.
* Improved telehub region coloring logic.
* Groups with hidden membership no longer incorrectly display "No members".
* Streaming audio now stops when Second Life is minimized.
* Text console no longer overlaps media controls.
* Smoothed out zoom transition on world map.
* Improved focus on object camera logic.
* Fixed problems with attachment editing undo and redo.
* Improved feedback when deleting folders.
* Fixed various object manipulation issues for attachments and child objects.
* Fixed issues with pie menu wedge fading.
* Scroll to show first item when searching.
* Fixed spacing problems with tick labels in build tools.
* Fixed some of the problems with gamma not working properly on Windows.
* Documented sleep time information in LSL tool tips.

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