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Andrew Linden

Second Life 1.5.10, Dec 17, 2004

  • Fixed a client crash bug, no really!
  • Chat background transparency slider is back with correct chat colorization.
  • Minimized user interface widgets no longer grab keyboard events.
  • Fixed render glitch for distant tree trunks.
  • Removed some unnecessary resorting of alpha objects for conditions where many alpha objects were visible.
  • Max particle count setting is now obeyed on startup. Note: if you've previously set the max particle count to something other than the default, and then forgot about it, you may notice a change in 1.5.10 because whatever you set your count to will actually be enforced.
  • Added a cap on the pixel area of rendered particles. The cap is based on the max particle count, and should only affect particle systems generating massive overdraw, e.g. 'particle bombs'. The cap scales with the max particle count setting, so if you feel that the overdraw cap is too aggressive for your tastes you can increase your max particle count to get more overdraw.
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17 December 2004 – 22 December 2004
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