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Andrew Linden

Second Life 1.4.8 Aug 3, 2004
- Fixed a bug that was causing linked prims to visibly drift after several unlink/link cycles.

- The depth at which underground objects are automatically returned to your lost&found has been increased to make it harder to accidentally lose an object while moving it around.

(For those who want more details: the depth of return is 4 meters or the diagonal of the bounding box, whichever is larger. The depth is measured directly above the object's center-of-mass (which is not necessarily the root primitive's "center", and must be eyeballed, since the server does not yet send the center-of-mass to the client). Note, the auto-return happens on deselect, so it is still possible to place an object in a hole and bury it deeper, however if buried deep enough it may vanish on sim restart.)

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