Second Life 1.4.6 July 15, 2004

- Fixed a bug where the Mature checkbox wasn't properly updated.

- Skip disabled fields when tabbing through fields.

- Fixed many problems with terrain rendering at high altitudes.

- Deactivate gestures that have been deleted.

- Single clicking on an event now selects the event on the world map. Double clicking will open the Find panel with that event selected.

- You cannot view textures in other people's objects via their object inventory.

- Fixed some bugs with object property updates which would cause shape to change unexpectedly.

- Fixed a bug which caused the object properties dialog to close unexpectedly.

- Fixed a bug with scrolling to show a selected item.

- Various minor crash bugs.

- Drag and drop now goes through fully transparent objects.

- Fixed a bug which caused yellow avatar rendering in the image preview.

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