Second Life 1.4.3 June 23, 2004

- Fixed an issue which could cause long/failed object rezzes and blocked teleports from heavily loaded simulators.

- Fixed an issue which would cause you to be "frozen" if you tried to teleport to a simulator that was unresponsive.

- Fixed more crash bugs related to inventory.

- Fixed bugs that would cause incorrect return of objects in the case of parcel transactions.

- Alert the user in the case of a clothing upload failure.

- Fixed a crash that could happen if your viewer was disconnected.

- Non-looping sound no longer stops playing back when an object is selected or updated.

- Queued sounds should now work properly.

- Fixed an issue where temporary objects that were in-world at a simulator shutdown were being loaded as regular objects and causing incorrect object returns.

- You can no longer drag restricted permission items (no-copy, no-transfer) directly into an attached attachment. This fixes a permissions loophole.

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