Second Life 1.4.2 build 1 June 18, 2004

- Fixed a crash bug that would occur when trying to download unknown sounds and animations.

Second Life 1.4.2 June 18, 2004

- Land for sale and objects for sale maps are now un-reversed.

- Properly obey the AFK animation.

- Disabled the ability to put no transfer/no copy animations and sounds into gestures.

- Fixed the play/stop button on audio streams.

- The chat bar is now the only text entry field that passes deletes onto the world.

- Don't alpha-sizzle attachments.

- Picking with Show Alpha turned on now works properly.

- Added Mature Events to the map legend.

- Various fixes to the avatar preview display.

- Fixed some bugs with animation looping.

- Fixed a bug which caused particles to not display if an object had too high of a particle rate.

- Fixed a bug in data transmission that would cause crashes, as well as potential problems with sounds and animations.

- Various minor UI bug fixes.

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