Second Life 1.3.5, April 20, 2004


Fixed a bug that would return your objects instead of other people's objects when you had multiple parcels in a simulator and you were over your object cap for that simulator.

Fixed a bug that would cause the events clock and on-map events display to be incorrect if the user was in a time zone that didn't use daylight savings time.

LSL: Fixed flaw in heap management code that resulted in scripts with large code sizes incorrectly calculating heap space, resulting in stack-heap collisions even when plenty of physical memory was left within the script.

Crash reporter now does hardware detection, and no longer runs silently. Fixed an issue that would cause the crash reporter to not work on ATIs in full screen mode.

Fixed a bug that would save blank information to your profile when OK button was incorrectly enabled.

Fixed a bug where rating could appear without a name.

Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the close window button to be offscreen when previewing a texture.

You can no longer drag and drop something you are wearing onto a profile (this would result in incorrect behavior).

Fixed a simulator crash bug when using llemail() with short e-mail addresses.

Mac: Properly log out when quitting from the dock or by clicking the window close button.

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