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Doug Linden

Here's the release notes for 1.3.4, which will be deployed tomorrow.

An important note: The bug in the object limits should only result in the deletion of objects from a couple dozen people. While we are attempting to contact those who will be dramatically affected, if you are near your simulator object limit, you should probably check if you will be affected.

Edited to add known issue with the permissions system.

- Doug

Second Life 1.3.4

Fixed a bug in the automatic object deletion when over your object limit on a simulator. Specifically, it was possible to have more objects on a simulator than you were supposed to if you had multiple parcels.

Fixed a bug that caused LSL script compile to fail on Mac and Windows.

Fixed a bug which resulted in parcel changes not being updated for other users.

Fixed a bug which caused avatars to be strangely colored on ATIs when using vertex programs.

Fixed various bugs in llModifyLand()

Fixed a bug in llSetPrimitiveParams which would assign the wrong value to the texture scale.

Fixed a bug which caused draw distance to get reset to 64 meters when changing preferences on the login screen.

Mac autoupdater now works properly when running from a disk image.

Fixed an instance on the Mac where starting up in full screen mode would result in a blank screen.

Known bug:
If you alter permissions on an object in your inventory and then rez it in world, the permissions revert back to the permissions when it was derezzed. If you alter permissions on an object in your inventory and then give that object to someone, the new permissions will work as expected. Specifying permissions in world continues to work as expected.

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