Second Life 1.3.3, April 6, 2004


Fixed a bug with Undo which was causing the initial rez location to not be saved.

Scripts no longer incorrectly report that they are out of range.

Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause scripts on attachments to not run.

Returned "sit_ground" animation behavior to old behavior (fixed bug where you would teleport to the ground).

Popular Places in dialog and map now stay in sync.

Find Land for Sale now filters by price and area.

Find Popular Places defaults to only show places with pictures.

There is now a Profile button next to the Owner field on objects.

We now correctly save the window maximized state when you quit when Second Life is running in a maximized window.

There is now a mechanism for dynamically adjusting draw distance automatically when the frame rate is too low.

FYI, if you are NOT running DirectX 9.0, you will need to manually set your VRAM settings to match that of your graphics hardware. We highly recommend that you install DirectX 9.0, as it allows us to detect hardware/driver combinations that can result in poor performance and crashes.

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