Second Life 1.2.9, January 28, 2004

The Second Life crash reporter is now much faster and more reliable. Sending crash reports is the best way to get crash bugs fixed. Please keep them coming!

Account History now uses the correct dates, and no longer refers to taxes that were removed in 1.2.

To remove a black spot from your eyelashes, enter customize avatar mode, change your skin color slightly (or any other part of your face texture), and save the results. When the new avatar texture streams in, you will have normal eyelashes.

llGetNotecardLine() now works properly when the last line of the notecard does not end with a carriage return. This was causing some vending machine scripts fail to sell certain items.

You can now plant trees and grass on land you own in simulators that are designated "no terraform", such as Crimson.

Group officers can now terraform land owned by the group, and can also plant trees and grass on group land in "no terraform" simulators as per the change above.

There is now a sit_generic animation that can be called from the scripting language.

Deleting the object that you are sitting on no longer causes you to "teleport" far away.

Various minor improvements animation and camera logic.

Fixed various minor crash bugs on both Windows and Macintosh.

Macintosh: New Altivec-based image decoder for faster texture decoding.

Macintosh: Script help menu now brings up script help.

Macintosh: Fixed scroll wheel sensitivity.

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