Second Life 1.2.7, January 20, 2004 ***

The "auto-delete object" time setting on parcels no longer resets when we restart the servers.

Fixed a bug in object caching that could cause viewer crashes or stale content.

Fixed twitchiness in mouselook on Mac.

Fixed a crash on the viewer when attempting to decode bogus image data.

Fixed a crash when attempting to generate avatar mesh data from appearance settings (mostly on Mac).

Fixed a server crash caused by people attempting to move into parcels from which they are banned.

Client doesn't crash if you click Quit before the terms of service arrive.

In the group land dialog, you can read areas that have more than two digits.

Added new, more modest sit animation for female avatars.

Fixed most lighting glitches on transparent objects.

Fixed screen showing up as skirt texture when first wearing a skirt.

Fixed "focus on object" camera glitches.

Attaching/detaching objects move smoothly into and out of position.

Busy mode auto-response now works with multiple lines of text.

Removed a way that recently purchased parcels would remain for sale.

You can now sit on phantom objects.

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