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Version 1.2.5 January 8, 2004

llPreloadSound now has a 1 second delay on execution.

llPushObject is now a (1/r^3) function rather than (1/r) so that pushes are much weaker against distant objects.

Fixed LSL2 bug that caused many scripts to die on state changes.

Mute now mutes instant messages as well as chat. If you have "Show IM in Chat History" enabled they can be seen when "Show Muted Chat" is enabled.

Onscreen windows no longer creep upwards when you quit and restart.

Property lines now draw between adjacent parcels. You can see the boundaries between two parcels that you own, or two parcels that your neighbor owns.

Added warning dialogs for the "Return Objects" buttons in the About Land dialog.

Added skirts to the Take Off > Clothing menu.

Improvements to avatar animation IK (jittering arms).

Fixed lighting on attachments.

Fixed various crash bugs that would occur when focusing on objects.

Particle system colors are now correct on the Mac.

Automatic cleanup and public cleanup of objects now work correctly.

The area of land that is selected is now displayed.

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