Second Life 1.2.2

The chat font size can be set to small, medium or large. The large font size is larger than before.

You can once again set the chat persist time in Preferences -> Chat.

Taking an item into your inventory and changing the inventory sort order are now faster for people with very large inventories.

Reduced the bandwidth consumption of objects with animating textures, particularly the wheels of vehicles. This was causing objects to load very slowly in the Oak Grove vehicle park.

Passing objects with joints across the boundary between simulators will no longer crash the server.

Attaching an object to yourself while someone is sitting on it no longer crashes the server.

Fixed a problem with the number of objects you are allowed to build on your land being too low if you released or sold some of your land with objects still on the land.

Fixed a problem where the hover tips for land would occasionally show the incorrect owner.

Fixed a problem where clicking the "About Land" button in the edit tools would not show land information.

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