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February 5, 2004
Doug Linden

Fixed a bug which would cause the sit animation for the opposite gender to be played.

Fixed a problem which would cause the owner field of the About Land window to be blank.

Uninstalling Second Life versions including and after 1.2.11 will not remove any extra files you may have placed in C:\Program Files\SecondLife. However, we encourage you to store your files elsewhere on your computer, perhaps in My Documents.

llPushObject now correctly implements 1/r^3 dropoff, starting at 1 meter, rather than the previous 1/(3*r) drop starting at 0.33 meters.

Fix to prevent incorrect auto-approval on parcel release.

Disabled modifying permissions of objects in either your inventory or an object's inventory.

Parcel sub-divide correctly copies group information of user owned plots.

Added improved hardware/driver detection libraries to aid in crash debugging.

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