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Release Candidate Release Notes for Second Life 1.19.0

Release Notes for Second Life 1.19.0(4) February 28th, 2008

New features and changes:

  • Voice
    • Voice Chat is now enabled by default to allow Residents to hear other Residents.
    • A microphone is required to speak to other Residents.
    • Push-to-Talk is the default mode for transmitting voice.
    • These settings can be modified via the Voice Chat tab of the Preferences dialog.
  • Age Verification:
    • The user interface for parcel and estate access has been clarified and improved.
    • Added the ability to restrict access to parcels and estates to age verified adults.
    • Removed the ability to *ban* access to Residents who have provided payment info or who have used payment info. We continue to support the ability to *allow* access to only those who have provided payment info.
  • Crash Reporter
    • The crash reporting mechanism has been improved. Following a crash, more useful information will be sent and reports should now take less than 10 seconds.
  • VWR-210: Voice Support on Linux (EXPERIMENTAL) - see README-linux-voice.txt
  • Other changes:
    • Change alert message that pops up when you set Busy
    • Add "Teleporting from SLURL to SLURL" to the chat history to provide quick and dirty "back" links
    • Print the name of the missing gesture in the error message
    • Remove "New Account..." and "Preferences" buttons from login screen for 1.19.0


  • SVC-930: Prims set for sale - prices are incorrectly set when multiple prims taken to inventory and rezzed
  • SVC-1125: New Search: Beacons aren't shown when teleporting to regions with "Allow Direct Teleport" disabled
  • VWR-1125: Clicking Title Bar While Mouselook'd Repositions SL Window
  • VWR-1137: Inventory names out of sync after renaming via Properties window
  • VWR-1145: Unable To Connect help not available
  • VWR-1162: Land for sale includes L$1 parcels that are not actually for sale
  • VWR-1350: Color settings do not appear to be applied to LSL default text
  • VWR-1475: OpenJPEG always uploads single layer lossless images
  • VWR-1590: Keyboard changes inventory selection after right-click
  • VWR-1627: Classified metrics are reset to 0 when the ad is updated
  • VWR-1651: Add ability to open a partners profile whilst viewing an avatar's profile
  • VWR-1774: Some avatar positions result in no Z-axis arrow when editing attachments
  • VWR-1873: Typos in en-us locale file
  • VWR-1919: Remove texture UUID information from UI unless full-perm
  • VWR-2030: Avatar only turns half-way in Appearance Mode
  • VWR-2142: Parcel voice icon doesn't reflect disabled status if voice isn't used
  • VWR-2256: Mac updater directory permission issues
  • VWR-2367: Wrong handling of maximum length of Group Notice message
  • VWR-2404: lossless texture compression on small textures not lossless
  • VWR-2410: noise dot appear in chat window when clien running long with chatting.
  • VWR-2411: Possible crash in pipeline.cpp
  • VWR-2412: Possible crash drawpoolwater
  • VWR-2421: ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT + Second Life = "Couldn't match GPU to a class","Setting GPU Class to Class0"
  • VWR-2483: the macviewer.xcodeprj file doesn't create stripped binaries on Deployment or Universal
  • VWR-250: Preedit (composition) strings are shown poorly when typing Japanese text on Windows
  • VWR-2550: Scuplty vertex coordinates are size/256 meters too small on the positive faces
  • VWR-2614: gActiveChannelSpeakerMgr not deleted at end of program in viewer.cpp
  • VWR-2617: Adds LLSD support to flex/light/sculpt params for primitives
  • VWR-2652: Changes needed to compile viewer against lastest libopenjpeg2000
  • VWR-2684: Minor leak in floaters using layoutstacks
  • VWR-2722: Muting an object with pie menu only mutes the prim you select, not entire linkset
  • VWR-2847: Wrong hover text in Japanese UI
  • VWR-2854: Some sculpted prims render as balls on close zoom, which look fine in older clients
  • VWR-2867: Eyes rotate unnaturally around their X axis. Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise
  • VWR-289: URLs for video media streaming need to be URL-encoded or stream doesn't work
  • VWR-2959: Windows (Visual Studio) solution file refers to a non-existing project "build_all"
  • VWR-3088: Unchecking "Automatic Appearance Camera Movement" no longer has any effect
  • VWR-3206: OpenJPEG svn478 causes slviewer to crash
  • VWR-3428: Checking a users profile while editing a linked set causes viewer crash
  • VWR-3458: Mouse cursor background is opaque white instead of transparent on big endian systems
  • VWR-3558: llLoadURL cannot be muted
  • VWR-356: Move delete to the bottom of context menus, separated by spacer
  • VWR-3748: Builds fail on 1.18.6 RC if not using MOZLIB due to missing #if LL_LIBXUL_ENABLED in 3 places in indra/newview/llpanellogin.cpp
  • VWR-3948: Underlayers no longer removable by pie menu in Windlight, release candidates
  • VWR-412: Object editing arrows hidden but clickable on objects you can't edit.
  • dialogs have extra vertical space
  • Photo Album: name in Properties cut off some Japanese characters
  • New gestures do not appear active in inventory
  • Make parcel name in menu "look" active
  • "Wear" pie option shows up for many objects even if resident does not own and cannot wear them.
  • Textures on no-transfer objects can be transferred
  • Deleted gestures still work
  • Inventory description out of sync after renaming via Properties window
  • Show private estate tiles when World Map is zoomed out
  • Properties description not updated when preview description updated
  • Buying object contents broken
  • Improve window opening behavior, ensuring it is mostly on screen
  • No-modify objects can be modified through Open pane
  • Inventory names out of sync after renaming via Properties
  • Japanese IME mode should be set and postiion of any input windows fixed for non-Japanese fields
  • ctrl-shift-w doesn't work if no windows have focus
  • Avatar falling in place - Alliez Mysterio
  • Linux crash reporter does not run on next execution after forcing an infinite loop and forcefully exiting
  • hitting enter should immediately set the value of a field
  • Inventory Folder Loading state not clearly indicated
  • Add warning dialog to the Land Sale process to warn against selling land to Anyone
  • Legacy flossexception link needs to be fixed in source
  • make link from client log in window to "Forgot Password" page
  • Remove button under estate managers list enables after estate manager clicks in the list
  • Changing search field should cancel current selection
  • Estate tab within Tools / Region Estate has wrong settings for enable of Restrict Access upon initialization
  • llEscapeURL and llUnescapeURL caps output to 255 characters
  • XUI LoadFromXML function doesn't work
  • Sanitize floater sizing behavior when SL window is made very small
  • Animation won't stop if avatar teleports while animated
  • Can't paste name of object into View > Mute List > Mute object by name
  • pressing ctrl-F10 then Escape causes keyboard to be unresponsive
  • Make SL viewer updater show a progress bar so that people know how long to wait
  • Can't double-click on groups in profile after changing your active title
  • Getting multiple copies of texture dragged onto prim
  • blue dialog's 'next' widget steals focus
  • Audio should be encoded for upload at a 'good enough' quality rather than a user-selected bitrate
  • multiple preview windows open for a single texture/snapshot saved inside a note card
  • Enhance Viewer to support new Age Verification feature
  • Rename crash setting to cause crash logger to come up for all residents
  • Change crash logger "Remember this choice" function to default to on
  • Rework Ban tab of floater_about_land
  • Windows IME positioning fixed
  • Viewer crashes in assert when playing Sword Strike animation
  • Unable to set 'Group Access' for land that is also 'Public Access' (Was VWR-3667)
  • Disable QuickTime when the installed version is less than version with RTSP exploit
  • Korean viewer crashes on startup
  • Move fullscreen message from login screen to viewer prefs
  • linux client doesn't recognise that a viewer is already running (slurl crapout)
  • Search results window displays "s..." and "n..." instead of "searching..." and "none found"
  • QuickTime disabled message can not be ignored
  • Crash on login page when using Logitech LCD Keyboard
  • SEC-17 Ability to Access Sculpted Prim Textures from Database without owning actual sculpt texture, allowing for people to "steal" sculpts.
  • info window does not pop up when transitioning from a Havok1 to Havok4 region
  • Repoint Report Bug... Viewer link to Pjira
  • Upload Animation window: Button missing in Stopped window state

Source changes:

  • Upgrade Win32 libvorbis to v1.2
  • VWR-2881: Bundled Mesa libs are not GPL compatible
  • upgrade in-tree Linux GL headers to Mesa 7.x
  • upgrade in-tree Win32 GL headers to version without SGI Free B license
  • Rebuild and/or update libraries to use statically linked libs.
  • Remove llfloaterhtmlhelp.cpp / h and floater_html_help.xml

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