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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.2

- 1.17.2(0) June 27, 2007


  • VWR-650: Make "Give money" permissions look different than the other permissions
  • VWR-427: Added new menu item: Tools > Edit Linked Parts
  • VWR-79: PNG image support submission
  • Sculpties now include a one-time explanation the first time a sculptie is created.
  • Client and Server menus now have a one-time dialog box to explain what they are.
  • "Skip 'Show next time' Dialogs..." button added to Preferences > Popups tab to skip all one time dialog boxes.
  • Added Japanese and German language installers (Windows only)
  • The version of Mozilla used in the client is updated to
  • F1 help now opens an external browser to the Second Life support web site.
  • F1 Help will now open an external browser to language specific support websites for Japanese, Korean and Portuguese based on client's language.
  • Delay added to folder opening while dragging items in an inventory window with a vertical scroll bar.
  • Default messages for postcards are replaced when adding text.
  • In the Inventory window the Filter menu is consolidated into the File menu.
  • The sculptie texture picker UI has changed to differentiate it from the surface texture picker.

LSL changes

  • Added support for alternate sculptie edge stitching.
  • VWR-68: LSL constant expression folding and proper constant parsing

Bug fixes

  • Fixed MISC-217: Accounts with negative L$ balance can't buy L$0 freebie
  • Fixed SVC-306: Objects are visible at <0,0,0> (sometimes before moving to their correct position)
  • Fixed SVC-225: Searching for Classifieds with blank field results no results
  • Fixed VWR-1339: Asset upload fails for certain saves, eg scripts and appearance
  • Fixed VWR-1296: Minor memory leak in lltexturecache.cpp
  • Fixed VWR-1223: Camera Controls keyboard shortcuts broke
  • Fixed VWR-1221: Possible crash in llfloaterland.cpp / line 1556
  • Fixed VWR-1217: Built-in avatar animations stop suddenly, rather than fading out. (jerky head movement)
  • Fixed VWR-1203: Avatars eyes are constantly crossing in 1.17
  • Fixed VWR-1170: LLMuteList::loadFromFile() improperly parses the mute list returned from the service
  • Fixed VWR-1140: About Land floater is not resizable, ban and access lists too small
  • Fixed VWR-1049: Trivial sizeof() miscalculatuion results in incomplete copying of CPU Brand ID string in CProcessor::AnalyzeAMDProcessor()
  • Fixed VWR-1044: Unchecking "Go Away/AFK When Idle" doesn't work when manually setting Away status
  • Fixed VWR-944: Boost inclusion is inconsistent
  • Fixed VWR-941: Reading length data for a four-byte Variable template message misstores the length
  • Fixed VWR-938: ELFIO is technically optional, make this easy to capitalise on
  • Fixed VWR-876: sculpt texture map does not load or low priority when the texture itself is not visible in viewer frame or not cached
  • Fixed VWR-873: Dead members "eVertexDataMask;" in various objects
  • Fixed VWR-856: llvfs.cpp: possible loss of memory blocks in LLVFS:audit()
  • Fixed VWR-822: "Create new..." clothing buttons don't auto-wear items
  • Fixed VWR-746: Incorrect menu item referred to when member of maximum number of groups and a group invite is received
  • Fixed VWR-660: When turning off Flexible Object rendering, flexible objects become permanently invisible
  • Fixed VWR-652: A harmless compiler warning in indra.l.cpp
  • Fixed VWR-606: Some source files (llprocessor.cpp and llsdserialize_tut.cpp) contain non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed VWR-597: Abuse report tool should autofill abuser name when reporting an object
  • Fixed VWR-560: Crash in llscrolllistctl.cpp when sorting scroll list
  • Fixed VWR-459: Unicode supplementary characters typed in from keybaord are not handled properly on Windows (and potentially on Linux)
  • Fixed VWR-446: Automatically start renaming new user-created assets and automatically select new user-created folders
  • Fixed VWR-383: Chat logs do not have timestamps
  • Fixed VWR-364: Viewer memory leak
  • Fixed VWR-287: Inconsistent behaviour between agent_slide_left / agent_slide_right, and the rest of the movement functions.
  • Fixed VWR-251: Keystrokes are eaten by IME when no text input is possible, on Windows using Japanese
  • Fixed VWR-248: Inexplicable folding of Avatars such that they are walking around with their heads up their arses
  • Fixed VWR-247: Viewer generates undesired dialog when IM comes in while minimized
  • Fixed VWR-227: If a Find/Search returns no results, the results list is still focused and an attempt is made to select the first result anyway.
  • Fixed VWR-218: SConstruct script makes many assumptions that are invalid outside LL
  • Fixed VWR-213: Calling DestroyWindow with NULL window handle (win32 version)
  • Fixed VWR-207: Textures become increasingly blurry over time on systems with > ~2GB RAM
  • Fixed VWR-143: Compiler errors in llwebbrowserctrl.h
  • Fixed VWR-132: seg fault in lldrawpool.cpp
  • Fixed VWR-119: Zero missing in Sub-unit snap grid. for small fraction like 1/16 and 1/32
  • Fixed VWR-101: Get rid of "Return All"
  • Fixed Inventory's "Recent Items" tab settings not persisting across logins
  • Fixed line breaks showing up as * in various windows.

First Look Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.2

- 1.17.2(122) July 3, 2007


  • Added ability to hide and show the Participants List in the Communicate window
  • Added new icon on the Push-to-Talk button
  • Added new icons in the Participants List
  • The Participants List in the Communicate window now defaults to closed, and opens after voice is engaged. It can also be opened or closed by the user at any time.
  • Call recipients can accept incoming voice calls in one click instead of two (i.e., by clicking only the Accept button instead of the Accept button + Call).
  • Voice UI elements are grayed out until voice is enabled in the viewer.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been implemented. Ctrl-T toggles the Communicate window, Ctrl-W closes the selected tab the Communicate window, Ctrl-H goes to Near Me (Chat History), and Ctrl-F goes to My Friends.
  • The Say, Shout, and Send IM buttons are grayed out when there is no input text.
  • Text from objects can now be muted in the Participants List in the Communicate window.


  • Fixed bug in which the IM Received button remained visible even after the Communicate window containing the message had been opened
  • The spatial voice chat indicator (i.e., the dot volume waves above avatars' heads) no longer appears in non-spatial voice chat (i.e., in one-to-one and group chats across the grid).

- 1.17.2(120) June 26, 2007

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the voice chat indicator was not disappearing after someone teleported away
  • Help > About was missing text
  • The 'About Land' media tab had duplicate / overlapping data

- 1.17.2(119) June 28, 2007


  • Wind volume and footsteps are combined into an "Ambient" volume preference.
  • Play/Pause/Stop buttons removed from volume panel.
  • The "Master Mute" and "Master Volume" controls now affect everything, including voice and media settings (which they did not before).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed VWR-1310: FL: Voice: Sounds slider doesn't work
  • Fixed VWR-1224: FL Voice viewer crash on changing audio prefs
  • Fixed VWR-632: Push-To-Talk should default to not locked.
  • Fixed voice remains enabled while Second Life is minimized if "Mute when minimized" is enabled.
  • Fixed notification icon reporting "Voice not available" when it is.
  • Fixed "Mute Audio" option also disabled voice and media streams.
  • Fixed using spacebar as the push-to-talk trigger would not close the Set Key dialog box.
  • Fixed volume sliders not disabling correctly when mute is disabled

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