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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.15.1

- 1.15.1(3) May 14, 2007


  • Soft shadow for text is now an option available via the text style flag
  • Expanded Tools->Report Bug to include additional information and links
  • Alt-Left and Alt-Right switch between tabs in IM
  • Ctrl-W closes one tab in IM window (Ctrl-T closes IM window)
  • Ctrl-Shift-W closes all windows
  • Inventory system folders may be sorted to top
  • Busy mode declines notecards and textures and silently sends all other transfers to Inventory
  • L$ balance displays "Loading..." (instead of a blank) when first checking your balance
  • Minimap is enabled when Second Life runs for the first time
  • Texture transfers are limited to 5 items per 10 seconds

Bug fixes

  • Fixed windows maximizing when opening other windows
  • Fixed floating text inworld (original hard shadow restored)
  • Fixed LSL Help window restoring when clicking on script editor
  • Fixed LSL Wiki Help window forgetting its size
  • Fixed Ctrl-W closing the floater instead of one IM panel
  • Fixed a client crash when deleting an object from inventory
  • Fixed avatar eyeball shader
  • Fixed closing an inventory folder while selection is inside moves selection to 'My Inventory'
  • Fixed nametag text leaving background box while moving
  • Fixed graphics cards with unlisted memory sizes defaulting to 16MB
  • Fixed right-clicking on self failing if you are wearing a HUD
  • Fixed llSetText appearance on HUD attachments
  • Fixed Alt-WASD behavior when sitting
  • Fixed first digit in Pay dialog cannot be erased
  • Fixed reference ruler measuring to region edge instead of reference object
  • Fixed permissions on group-owned object's script when group member clicks New Script
  • Improved detection of Linux video memory
  • VWR-38: Magic Opening Folders
  • VWR-42: llSetSoundQueueing() is broken
  • VWR-71: Tabulating and moving by word (Ctrl-left, ctrl-right) off-by-one errors in scripting editor.
  • VWR-136: Seg fault in llpolymorph.cpp
  • VWR-148: llListStatistics tooltip wrong
  • VWR-154: typo in en-US/floater_mute.xml 'Resident' not 'resident'
  • VWR-155: typo in en-US/floater_mute.xml 'Resident' not 'Person'
  • VWR-165: First Digit in the 'Pay' dialog does not erase without entering more digits
  • VWR-166: moving of open folders in the inventory to an other indentation level leaves the contents on the previous level
  • VWR-192: textures in windows only stretches horizontally
  • VWR-326: Allow a 'limit texture recieving' in the client
  • VWR-346: Selecting Client>Character>Flush Animations immediately crashes 1.14.0.x
  • VWR-379: Fix shell scripts to use bash and not sh when appropriate.
  • VWR-414: 8-bit character in llagent.cpp comment confuses Japanese text editors
  • VWR-415: Definitions of WM_MOUSEWHEEL and WHEEL_DELTA need conditionals (on Windows)
  • VWR-429: add scons option making FMOD optional

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