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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.14.0

- 1.14.0(1) March 30, 2007


  • Fixed: When going to recent items tab in inventory, inventory contents do not download
  • Fixed: Crash in llvlcomposition
  • Fixed: VWR-200: money(); events in a linked sets fail to trigger
  • Fixed: VWR-109: Characters from fallback fonts don't scale properly
  • Fixed: VWR-100: Messages form OpenJPEG only in debug mode
  • Fixed: VWR-97: Several iterator bugs in llmessage
  • Fixed: VWR-45: trivial patch, initialize variables
  • Fixed: VWR-14: Inconsistancy with reading binary data in llpolymesh.cpp

- 1.14.0(0) March 27, 2007

New feature

  • Linux client features embedded Mozilla


  • Texture Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant redesign of texture pipeline
    • Improved texture caching
    • Unlimited texture cache size
    • Cache location can be changed
    • Textures from last scene are pre fetched, improving loading speed of inital scene
  • Render Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant changes to render pipeline
    • Introduction of Vertex Buffer Objects for improved stability
    • Better batching of geometry for improved render performance (on some systems)
    • Alpha sorting changes to improve performance
    • Modified texture animations to use hardware acceleration
    • Light objects now affect themselves.
      • NOTE: This may cause some objects that are lights to 'wash out' requiring some content to be adjusted
  • Setting an object for sale enables 'Buy Copy' by default instead of 'Buy Original'
  • User inworld money transaction history floater removed
    • Transaction history can be viewed via
  • Moving your avatar no longer deselects objects in build mode automatically
  • Removed old reference to Announcements forum in a login error message
  • Added Port setting in preferences to specify UDP port (ala -port argument)
  • Added setting to change cache location
  • Added 'Empty Lost and Found' option
  • Added 'Use Custom Port' option to Preferences to specify network port
  • Objects set for sale are Buy Copy by default (instead of Buy Original)
  • Increased Classified's maximum L$ payable from 99999 to 999999
  • Added '?' button next to Partner field explaining partnering
    • Added display that shows intersection of prims with translation plane when building.

LSL changes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed texturing all sides of multi-prim object failing under high latency
  • Fixed sitting avatar standing when clothes are dragged onto the avatar
  • Fixed llGiveInventoryList spamming owner with messages
  • Fixed group members ability to set home to land only set to group (not deeded)
  • Fixed objects from library being placed back in Library after editing
  • Fixed loss of no-copy textures when applied to a prim
  • Fixed delivery of Email to IM messages greater than 998 characters
  • Fixed attachments leaving inventory after detaching
  • Fixed Alt-menu taking focus after Alt-zooming
  • Fixed menus not closing when something else is clicked
  • Fixed Friends list not showing online friends on login if 'Can see my online status' is disabled
  • Fixed World -> Buy Land menu failures
  • Fixed LSL email converting numbers in the email body to 0
  • Fixed focus issues when closing a window
  • Fixed closed status of folders when opened in inventory
  • Fixed a method of sitting on other avatars
  • Fixed double-clicking on TOS switching to a different text display
  • Fixed rezzed objects appearing at <0,0,0> if you have create rights but do not wear your title
  • Fixed Offer Teleport appearing in your own profile
  • Fixed Ctrl-P failing to open Preferences if Inventory has focus
  • Fixed ability to set sale info on no-modify items
  • Fixed ability to further limit permissions on items if they are already no-modify
  • Fixed Object Entry rules also preventing rezzing from inventory
  • Fixed single-click behavior for objects
  • Fixed object selection while crossing region boundary
  • Fixed textures leaving their window when resized
  • Fixed single items being created in tabbed windows
  • Fixed menus not closing when clicked a second time
  • Fixed resizing of landmarks
  • Fixed textures being applied to all sides when using Select Texture
  • Fixed objects not deleting if they contain no-copy items
  • Fixed Pay dialog while in busy mode
  • Fixed loss of no-copy objects when using llGiveInventory() on a busy avatar
  • Fixed script editor not regaining focus when function dropdown is used
  • Fixed opening multiple inventory items not using tabbed windows
  • Fixed a client crash when opening multiple inventory items (including a script)
  • Fixed notecards opened in a tabbed window extending outside the preview window
  • Fixed blurry web browser widgets when UI Scale is not 1.0
  • Fixed focus not moving to next window when using Ctrl-W on detached IMs or Appearance
  • Fixed Ctrl-W not closing snapshot floater
  • Fixed widget overlap in group proposal tab of a searched group
  • Fixed a client crash when deleting objects
  • Fixed Capslock key detection
  • Fixed context menu for items in an object
  • Fixed avatar animations not changing when editing an attachment
  • Fixed object counts in About Land changing when object loses focus
  • Fixed ESC key behavior (closing tools and resetting camera)
  • Fixed obscured status bar when debug is off
  • Fixed client crash in People Search with Picks tab
  • Fixed incorrect prim count in Buy dialog when using prim multipliers
  • Fixed build button on toolbar remaining disabled when Create Objects is set to group
  • Fixed a client crash while taking an object
  • Fixed a script runtime error when using a list inside a while or do-while loop
  • Fixed renaming a no-copy clothing item failing during Make New Outfit
  • Fixed objects failing to attach when selected from a distance
  • Fixed rare texture swapping on Mac
  • Fixed non-Latin characters such as Japanese Kanji appearing as small square dots
  • Fixed textures in the distance not reducing priority
  • Avatars out of view are no longer animated

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