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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.1

- 1.13.1(56671) January 11, 2006


  • Texture Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant redesign of texture pipeline
    • Improved texture caching
    • Unlimited texture cache size
  • Render Pipeline Architecture
    • Significant changes to render pipeline
    • Introduction of Vertex Buffer Objects for improved stability
    • Better batching of geometry for improved render performance (on some systems)
    • Alpha sorting changes to improve performance
    • Better particle system limits

- 1.13.1(5) December 15, 2006

New features

  • Added French, Portugese, and Spanish language options

Other changes

  • Added TypeAheadTimeout to settings.xml
    • configures the timeout for type-ahead select in combo boxes and scroll lists

Bug fixes

  • Fixed carriage returns appearing as '?' in group notices
  • Fixed tab order in customize avatar floater
  • Fixed rezzing objects that overflow the parcel's prim allowance sends objects to (0,0,0)
  • Fixed language drop-down list showing "???" for Japanese and Korean in en-us
  • Fixed TOS floater HTML text overlaying plain text version
  • Fixed weird border and truncated OK button on system messages when clicked
  • Fixed group notices containing broken subjects/formatting and duplicated text
  • Fixed rearranging tear-off menus
  • Fixed selecting text in read-only fields
  • Fixed Home key not toggling fly when chat field is empty
  • Fixed Friends list multi-selection

- 1.13.1(4) December 13, 2006

UI changes

  • Hitting enter now clicks the currently-focused button, or the default button if there is one
    • If a button has an orange highlight, Enter will press it
  • Ctrl-W closes the currently-focused floater
  • Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] now move through preferences tabs
  • Esc closes menus, then defocuses floaters, then resets the camera position
  • By default, hitting enter in an empty chatbar no longer closes the chatbar
    • Turn on the “close chat after hitting return��? preference if you want this behavior
  • Arrow keys always control the avatar when the chat bar is empty, regardless of the status of the ‘arrow keys move avatar when chatting’ preference
  • Enter closes and opens highlighted inventory folder
  • Can move through radio options using left/right as well as up/down
  • Give focus to the IM text field when you reopen it
  • IM window doesn’t close if you hit Ctrl-T when it’s unfocused
  • Floaters handle all keystrokes when focused
    • Hitting Enter won’t chat when focus is on the UI
  • Ctrl-Tab and Tab will get you (almost) anywhere
  • Ctrl-Tab cycles through floaters, toolbars, etc.
    • Floaters are cycled in the order they were opened, and reordered so that it’s easy to switch between the two most recent
  • Hitting TAB when nothing has focus goes to chat bar, if available
  • Opening a floater automatically puts focus there
  • Focus appearance now makes more sense: focused floaters have opaque backgrounds, and lightened title bars; unfocused floaters are transparent
  • Clicking in world (or hitting ESC) will remove focus from the UI, and make all floaters transparent
  • Alt key access to menus. Hold down Alt and navigate via the underlined letters
  • Visual integration of context-sensitive controls with the bottom panel
  • Improved focus behavior of notifications and group notifications, and their appearance
  • Type-ahead find in listboxes and combo boxes
    • When focus is on the widget, type the first few letters of the desired selection and the selection will move as you type
    • Very useful for long lists such as the Friends list or the Script function combo box
    • Type-ahead find is visually indicated with an oblong highlight.
  • Type-ahead find cycles through the items in a list or combo that have the same first letter
    • Example: repeatedly typing ‘r’ will put selection on each element of the list that starts with ‘r’
  • “Cone of context��? for color pickers and texture pickers
  • Objects visually lose focus when application loses focus, and regain them when application is refocused
  • Storage of last focused item in floaters, so that focusing a floater puts focus back where it was last time you were using it
  • Mini-map can’t take focus, nor can camera/movement controls
  • Have to double-click on the mini-map to open the main map
  • Mousewheel zooms on the mini-map, and the scale limits allow you to zoom in more
  • IM tabs opened by you are added to the right of the open tab (IM tabs opened by other means open to the far right, as before)
  • Removed tab characters from most text editors except for the notecard and script editors
  • Deprecated Alt-WASD for moving the camera (these keys now select the appropriate menus)
    • Use Alt-arrow keys instead
  • Hitting enter when in preferences will now close and commit them

Other changes

  • ‘Access from Mainland’ renamed to ‘Public Access’ in Estate Tools
  • ‘Contact Support’ link added to Help menu pointing to Second Life Knowledge Base contact page

Bug fixes

  • Focus is correctly placed in the text field when opening and reopening search
  • Using arrow keys to select radio group options now commits selection
  • Enter key now works correctly on dropdown boxes
  • Fixed duplicate IMs or IM-to-email being sent (repeatedly)
  • Fixed objects disappearing if they were made flexible via script
  • Fixed a cause of failed estate-to-estate teleports
  • Generalized flexi implementation for attachments and non-attachments
  • Fixed several integer fields being displayed as float values
  • Fixed pie menu options for non-English languages
  • Fixed group notice panel not accepting text
  • Removed incorrect notice that friends could track each other on the map (they cannot)
  • Fixed bug affecting color of scripted/resident chat
  • Temp objects can enter full parcels
  • Fixed client crash when closing tabbed gestures without saving
  • Fixed boolean values in Debug Settings not remembering the correct values
  • Fixed strange characters in popup messages in Preferences
  • Fixed incorrect counts for simulator prim usage
  • Fixed floating point drift (and prim drift) in llTargetOmega
  • Fixed textures on HUDs not rezing until right-clicked
  • Fixed friends list scrolling to the top after a change
  • Fixed a crash caused by tearing off menus in the script editor
  • Fixed ability to add yourself to your friends list
  • Fixed offline notification that a resident left your group (should not send email)
  • Fixed object contents ‘Copy to Inventory’ and ‘Copy and Wear’
  • Fixed typed-ahead for Search and Friends list
  • Fixed Recent Items showing all folders
  • Fixed Texture Picker showing all folders
  • Fixed failed estate-to-estate teleports
  • Fixed a memory leak on the Intel Mac
  • Fixed greyed Terms of Service agree/disagree options if user cancelled TOS notice

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