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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.13.0

- 1.13.0(10) December 4, 2006

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Search dialog running queries when opened
  • Fixed inventory showing not-worn items as worn
  • Fixed IM window resizing when closing/opening session
  • Fixed missing languages in Preferences

- 1.13.0(8) November 29, 2006

New Features

  • Added a new tab to the Profile called Web which will show a web page of the profile owner's choice
  • URLs in chat and IM are now clickable links
    • Supports http:// and https:// as well as secondlife:// links
  • New options in Preferences/IM allow you to log IMs and/or chat
    • The log file location can be specified
    • Additional option 'show end of last IM conversation'
  • Notecards now support international characters
  • Updated Friends UI
    • Set permissions for your friends to see you online/on the map
    • Conference IM multiple friends by multi-selecting in the Friends list
    • See who has granted you permission to modify their objects in the Friends list
  • New option in Preferences > Communication to set whether you show as online in Search
  • Estate visibility
    • The estate visibility concept is simplified to just access permissions
    • All classifieds and events are now viewable regardless of estate location on the grid. The Teen Grid and Main Grid are still separate.
    • All regions within a grid now viewable, regardless of estate
    • Online status is no longer hidden based on visibility of an estate

LSL changes

  • New script commands
    • integer llGetObjectPrimCount(key id)
      • Returns the prim count for any specific object in a sim
    • integer list llGetParcelPrimOwners(vector pos)
      • Returns a list of up to 100 agents who own objects in the parcel, and the number of objects they own
    • integer llGetParcelMaxPrims(vector pos, integer sim_wide)
      • If sim_wide is TRUE, returns the total maximum number of prims allowed on the parcel
      • If sim_wide is FALSE, returns the maximum number of prims this individual parcel supports
    • integer llGetParcelPrimCount(vector pos, integer category, bool sim_wide)
      • If sim_wide is TRUE, returns the number of objects on all parcels owned by the same owner in the category specified
      • If sim_wide is FALSE, returns the number of objects on this specific parcel in the category specified
      • Categories are:
        • PARCEL_COUNT_TOTAL: all prims on the parcel(s)
        • PARCEL_COUNT_OWNER: prims owned by the parcel owner
        • PARCEL_COUNT_GROUP: prims not owned by the parcel owner, but set to or owned by the group of the parcel
        • PARCEL_COUNT_OTHER: prims not in GROUP or OWNER
        • PARCEL_COUNT_TEMP: All temp on rez prims
        • PARCEL_COUNT_SELECTED: All selected or ridden prims
    • list llGetParcelDetails(vector pos, list details)
      • Returns of a list of the details (PARCEL_DETAILS_NAME, _DESC, _OWNER, _GROUP, _AREA) in the order they are in the details list, for the parcel at pos

Other changes

  • IM shows resident's name and '...' if they are typing
  • Chat, IM, and script chat (llSay/llWhisper/llShout) max length increased to 1023 characters
  • '/me' emotes properly in IM (e.g. '/me laughs' becomes '[your name] laughs')
  • Busy Mode message is now account-specific
  • URL color is an option in Preferences
  • Texture asset IDs no longer sent to the viewer unless necessary
  • Adding performance logging based on agent frame rate
  • A confirmation prompt now appears when emptying inventory trash
  • Altered scripted movement/resizing of prims to better resemble 1.12 smooth behavior
  • Korean characters should display properly on Mac OS X
  • Linux client's cache, settings and logs now live in ~/.secondlife
  • Options for Proxy removed from Preferences
    • These options were intended for Mozilla only and did not function
  • Vehicles permitted to enter object entry blocked areas
  • New README-client.txt file for Linux client
  • Several viewer rendering performance improvements
  • Parcel owners can block objects from entering their parcels
  • Option added to allow only group members to create objects on parcel
  • Fixed a simulator crash related to region for sale information
  • Updated Mozilla libraries to
  • Linux client now has a working crash-reporter

Bug fixes

  • You can now correctly fly a vehicle above the ban limits of a parcel when banned
  • Fixed Linux crash when displaying certain UI elements
  • "Upload Image" will now ignore multiple clicks to avoid duplicate uploads
  • First names which are numbers will now be shown correctly in chat
  • Fixed the ability for group owners to remove members from roles
  • Fixed a crashing bug with tearing off menus from scripting window
  • Fixed a viewer crash when right-clicking on certain objects
  • Fixed a viewer crash when changing prim shape
  • Fixed a client crash with 'Hide Selected'
  • Fixed a simulator crash
  • Fixed scripted chat length longer than 255 characters
  • Fixed URLs that wrap over two lines
  • Fixed clickable area of URLs
  • Fixed login screen drawing incorrectly before loading
  • Fixed release of camera controls when exiting a vehicle
  • Fixed level-of-detail issues in flexible prims
  • Fixed tori LOD to reduce gaps
  • Fixed Prev and Next buttons for Find -> People and Find -> Groups
  • Fixed object size not updating with spinners or mousewheel
  • Fixed detaching attachments when the parcel at <0,0,0> is full
  • Fixed a client crash with textures that are not sized in powers of 2
  • Fixed a client crash when adjusting cut on a multicolored object
  • Fixed mouse cursor when hovering over URLs
  • Fixed text that isn't a URL becoming hyperlinked
  • Fixed attachments disappearing beyond 25m
  • Fixed viewer crash on MacOS when running in Thousands of colors
  • Can now edit attachments even when a parcel is full
  • Fixed some bugs related to banning users from estates
  • Script energy recalculated on link and unlink
  • Multiple inventory items opened at once open in one tabbed window
  • Fixed IM Pending flashing on conversations that are already open
  • Fixed Live Help messages being inserted in the wrong place in chat history
  • Fixed blank low resolution terrain after clearing cache
  • Fixed a cause of ghosted objects (full parcels and region boundaries)
  • Fixed gestures being opened multiple times
  • Fixed object buoyancy when setting STATUS_ROTATE_X,Y,and Z in a list
  • Fixed reduced priority of textures in the distance
  • Fixed Unicode characters in busy mode string resetting Preferences
  • Fixed a client crash with bumpmaps on Macs
  • Fixed a client crash with landmarks in tabbed windows
  • Fixed a client crash when right-clicking a payment notification window
  • Fixed a client crash for llLoadURL

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