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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.12.3

- 1.12.3(6) November 1, 2006

Other changes

  • Updated Mozilla libraries
  • Clear Cache button also clears Mozilla cache
  • Mac Mozilla browser profile no longer saved inside application bundle
  • Browser agent string now identifies Second Life and SL Client version
  • Mozilla lib version added to Help->About Second Life
  • Added new user clothing to local files (speeds up appearance for new avatars)
  • Terms of Service cannot be agreed to until the page has fully loaded

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash when showing Profile
  • Fixed various crashes on startup in MacOS
  • Fixed changes not saved on gestures when edited within a prim
  • Fixed new clothing appearing white on other avatars
  • Disabled auto-detect hardware option on Mac - it’s Windows-only
  • Fixed login screen not launching links in new window on PPC Mac
  • Fixed resolution box remaining grey after switching from windowed to fullscreen
  • Fixed ‘Auto-detect’ not unchecking when user changes aspect ratio
  • Fixed script command window not dismissing once it has been scrolled
  • Fixed colored noise on Quicktime when first playing back a movie
  • Fixed clickable area for objects in notecards
  • Fixed Debug Settings to not save all changes as ‘true’

- 1.12.3(4) October 25, 2006

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a client crash while changing the aspect ratio
  • Fixed a client crash with Path Cut Begin
  • Fixed Top Scripts always showing a total script time of 0.0
  • Fixed buttons in Profile (Pay, Rate, etc.)
  • Fixed an incorrect uninstaller error message
  • Fixed Rename to Folder Name in Appearance
  • Fixed ampersand in Busy message causing preferences to revert to default
  • Fixed About Land’s Return Objects for objects owned by parcel owner
  • Fixed window resize arrows on Mac for different UI Sizes
  • Fixed Enter key immediately sending Mac crash reports
  • Fixed IM window resizing on closing/opening a session
  • Fixed login failing when group name/title contains multi-byte characters
  • Fixed animations being uploaded with spread fingers
  • Fixed texture repeats when an object is stretched
  • Fixed ’share with group’ when deselected/selected
  • Closing/opening the inventory clears the search bar
  • Improved load balancing for Orientation Islands
  • Corrected network throttle to relax it after it has been tightened
  • Fixed tooltips appearing for invisible windows
  • Fixed dropping image on your profile sending image to last profile viewed

New features

  • New login interface pulls images and information from the web site
  • ‘Languages’ added to Profile

Other changes

  • Simulator savestates save to local disk in certain situations (grid shutdown, rolling restart, etc.). This should decrease downtime for grid shutdown/startup.
  • Terms of Service displayed in HTML
  • Sell Land floater no longer accepts commas/decimals (which were causing price failures)
  • Renamed Land -> Options -> Show in Search (was Show in Find Places)
  • Mac resize-window widget made easier to locate and use
  • Estate managers can now terraform

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