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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.12.2

- 1.12.2(9) October 14, 2006

Other changes

  • Temporary disable "Appearance > Save As" and "Make Outfit" while a permissions issue is being fixed.

- 1.12.2(8) October 13, 2006

(Note: I don't have a Mac, so I don't have access to the actual 1.12.2(8) release notes. If anyone would be so kind as to either add them here or email them to me at <stryfe [AT] stryfe [DOT] org>, I'd appreciate it.)

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a nasty crash when using F1 Help

- 1.12.2(7) October 11, 2006

Other changes

  • llPushObject restrictions now prevent objects from being pushed
  • Rolling update warnings are now broadcast repeatedly (5m, 4m, 3m, 2m, 60s, 45s, 30s, and 15s) and with earlier warning

Bug fixes

  • "Share with group" checkbox now correctly shows the permission setting
  • Fixed a viewer crash with Top Scripts and "Show Beacon"
  • Fixed a viewer crash when creating a landmark
  • Fixed a bug where inventory was showing unworn items as worn
  • Fixed "Copy to Inventory" and "Copy and Wear"
  • Fixed a bug where descending into a parcel where you were banned would bounce you to 0,0
  • "Return All" and "Return Selected" in Estate Tools now function correctly
  • Group members no longer blocked from group-owned parcel if payment levels blocked
  • Estate owners/managers are now exempt from access lists on their own estates
  • Error message "you cannot log in until (time)" now displays correct time
  • Offline friendship message no longer says "(resident) has to be your friend..."
  • MacBook Pro: Function keys should no longer cause arrow keys to be "stuck"
  • Reduced occurrences of gray avatars and avatars with "missing image" textures
  • Several simulator and dataserver crash fixes
  • Lots of changes to make the client/server protocols more secure

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