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Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.12.1

- 1.12.1(12) September 27, 2006

Other changes

  • Updated Mac custom cursor file format and API
  • Alt-Shift-H (Windows) / Opt-Shift-H (Macintosh) hides HUD Attachments
  • Clock labeled as Pacific Time (previously SLT)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed typos in Buy Land Floater
  • Fixed typo when joining a group with a fee
  • Fixed texture picker opening all folders
  • Fixed a 'level of detail' issue causing performance degradation
  • Inventory window refreshes after renaming a folder
  • Classified asks to save when OK is selected
  • Top Scripts shows a list when opened
  • Trash doesn't close when purging an item
  • Torn IM windows can be minimized

- 1.12.1(11) September 22, 2006

Other changes

  • Added new option when buying land back from a group you have contributions in:
    • 'Remove XXXX square meters of contribution from group'
      • This option is checked by default, and will remove group contribution associated with the parcel
    • This option (and its default setting) should greatly reduce accidental land holdings and mis-billings
  • New keyboard commands for IM windows:
    • Ctrl-[ and Ctrl-] toggle between IM windows
    • Ctrl-Shift-W closes the active IM window
  • Textures can no longer be uploaded or displayed at 2048x2048 resolution
    • Prevents several crash issues
    • Existing textures above 1024x1024 will be decoded at 1024x1024 resolution
  • Estate owners/managers are exempt from access lists (but can still be banlisted)
  • Script and Notecard windows remember their last size
  • Offline Instant Messages that have not been received for ninety (90) days will be deleted
  • Double-clicking a name in Friends list once again opens an IM for that resident
  • Pay button restored to Friends list

Bug fixes

  • Fixed tooltips getting cut off
  • Fixed dead space above chat/toolbar
  • Fixed classified ads showing 'Ad placed: Not yet published'
  • Fixed extra object in Buy Copy floater
  • Fixed mute via profile
  • Fixed warning 'assigndangerousmemberwarning is missing from alerts.xml'
  • Fixed Script Warning window causing visual glitches
  • Fixed 'Apply to Selection' button in Edit Terrain
  • Fixed Bug Report window mentioning abuse report
  • Fixed a copy-paste method that was failing in Inventory
  • Fixed 'Attach To->' from inventory
  • Fixed 'Return All' and 'Return Selected'
  • Fixed highlight selection for several text windows
  • Right-clicking a large inventory folder no longer creates a large client/server load
  • Next button appears for Search -> Events when there are over 200 events
  • Search Events should sort properly
  • Texture Mapping no longer has repeated options
  • Copy option is available when selecting multiple items in Inventory
  • Buy Currency appears correctly in Buy Land floater
  • Open contents floater moves with window resize
  • Folders can once again be purged from trash
  • Texture picker remembers 'Apply Immediately' setting
  • Animations can have their properties changed
  • Scripted \n nextline option now being handled correctly by chat history/debug channel and onscreen
  • New scripts no longer show 'New Script' in editor window (i.e. after being renamed)
  • Fixed several client crashes

- 1.12.1(10) September 21, 2006

Bug fixes

  • "Missing Image" and gray avatar textures should not get stuck any more
  • New presence code to address friends list not updating correctly, etc.
  • Fix for Group IM failures caused by the presence issue fix
  • Improvements to automated defenses against replicator attacks
  • Performance improvements when multiple objects are being returned

- 1.12.1(9) September 14, 2006

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect llTargetOmega() spin rates
  • Fixed IM window resizing on close/open
  • IM window saves size across sessions
  • Inventory can once again be dropped on any part of a resident’s profile
  • Pay dialog scales for larger buttons
  • Fixed Top Scripts/Top Colliders highlighting incorrect object
  • Fixed mute for scripted give inventory (particularly for group-owned objects)
  • Further improvements when editing long notecards or scripts

- 1.12.1(8) September 14, 2006

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing large amounts of packet loss to occur when downloading textures
  • Resolved a crash when seeing other avatars
  • Fixed a bug causing low framerate in some regions

- 1.12.1(7) September 13, 2006

Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where avatar textures would not bake

- 1.12.1(6) September 13, 2006

New features

  • Residents can be invited to your Friends list, even while they are offline or far away.
  • Estate access and ban lists boosted up to 300 entries (previously 63)
  • Estate managers now have the ability to subdivide and join parcels
  • ‘Play’ has been added as a menu option when right-clicking an animation in your inventory
  • A ‘Stop’ button has been added to the Animation prompt. The ‘Play Locally’ and ‘Play in World’ buttons (when an animation is opened in Inventory) will switch to ‘Stop’ when activated.
  • ‘Keep’, ‘Discard’, and ‘Mute’ have been added to inventory transfer notifications - Clicking mute will put that user on your mute list
  • Texture dimensions have been added to all texture preview windows

Other changes

  • Improved OS detection for Windows XP 64Bit, Windows 2003 Server, and Windows Vista
  • Added timestamp and land resale/join information to About Land -> Covenant
  • Changed the default draw distance for low end machines to improve frame rate
  • Particle systems are now ‘muted’ when a resident is muted
  • Help menu now has a link to the current Release Notes

LSL changes

  • llHTTPRequest throttling changed, requests are now limited to once per second per primitive.

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