Final Release Notes for Second Life 1.11.3

- 1.11.3(1) August 9, 2006

Other changes

  • System Sound Effects have been decoupled from the Audio Stream
    • This allows system sounds like typing to be muted while listening to live performances and so forth
    • Sound Effects volume can now be set in Preferences -> Audio & Video -> Sound Effects Volume
    • Streaming Audio volume is set as it was before using the in-world Audio Control panel

Bug fixes

  • Preferences no longer save when user profile has non-ASCII character in its path
  • Resolved client crash when clicking Preferences -> Popups -> Reset 'Show next time' Dialogs
  • CTRL-ENTER once again activates Chat Shout
  • Drop-down boxes now respond to control keys as expected
  • Resolved client crash related to mute lists
  • Resolved client crash related to applying color to an object
  • Scroll wheel once again causes Chat History window to scroll
  • Drag-selecting text in a type-in field no longer causes selected text to be stuck
  • World Map once again correctly accepts coordinates for pin-point teleporting
  • First name in a search query is once again automatically highlighted when search is performed
  • Resolved a bug which caused an orange flicker to occur (most noticeable during sunset and sunrise)
  • Upper-case file extensions are now recognized when uploading files and no longer cause an error
  • Large chat history, notecards and scripts no longer negatively impact viewer framerate
  • Text is no longer cut off in Search -> Land Sales
  • The mouse scroll wheel now works again within chat history
  • Fixed a lighting bug causing avatars to flicker - most notable at sunset
  • Several exploits have been identified and addressed
  • Restored "click here to turn off this email" link to outgoing email
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