Release Notes for Second Life 1.10.5(1) June 28, 2006

New Features

  • Each resident's profile now includes a field revealing whether the resident has provided payment information to Linden Lab.
    • The profile's "Account" field includes account status: "Resident" or "Linden Lab Employee" and, in the case of "Resident" status one of three status entries:
      • "No Payment Info on File" - account was created with no credit card or Paypal
      • "Payment Info on File" - account has provided a credit card or Paypal
      • "Payment Info Used" - credit card or Paypal on account has successfully been billed
    • We plan to provide features in future updates to mark specific parts of the Second Life world (or allow residents to mark their own land) as accessible only to accounts with payment information.

Other Changes

  • The "Report PvP Abuse" option has been removed from the Help menu
    • Residents can and should continue to report harrassing PvP abuse via "Report Abuse" under Help
    • Residents should provide as much relevant information as possible when filing Abuse Reports
  • Residents explicitly banned from a land parcel cannot fly in that parcel's airspace, to a height of 768m
    • Residents not explicitly banned, but not on the access list, can fly over the parcel at an altitude greater than 50m
  • More categories have been added to the Places menu
  • The Library is displayed at the bottom of the Inventory for quicker access to one's own Inventory
  • Snapshots to disk are now taken with CTRL+` instead of just the ` key
  • "Copy and Wear" now behaves identically to dragging a folder from inventory onto your avatar

Bug Fixes

  • Transferring an island to a new owner no longer causes objects on group-owned land to be returned automatically
  • The Open option is not displayed when the object has no contents
  • PCI-Express cards should no longer give errors that AGP is disabled
  • Corrected several error messages about incorrect driver versions
  • The version number of an optional update is now displayed
  • Fixed a bug that caused some objects to be missed by rectangle-select
  • Fixed a display bug with transparent avatar textures in Upload Preview
  • Doubled the space available to display the estate name in Region/Estate

Undocumented Features/Changes

  • "View PvP Abuse" was removed; there was no "Report PvP Abuse" option.
  • "Include chat history" checkbox removed from "Report Abuse" window.
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