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Second Life 1.1.7, November 18, 2003

  • More responsive walking, especially at low frame rates.
  • Fixed several bugs with non-rectangular parcels that could lead to the wrong piece of land being claimed, deeded to a group, or released.
  • Various patches to OpenGL graphics initialization and mode switching (fullscreen<-->windowed).
  • Fixes for some crashes on client shutdown.
  • The fee for listing a parcel in the Find directory has been reduced. Also, the search panel searches both names and descriptions.
  • Cancelled events no longer show up in the Find directory.
  • The world map has improved icons for avatars, telehubs, events, etc.
  • The world map now has a legend explaining the colors used in the background.
  • The world map remembers which background you last selected.
  • You can join land you buy from another player to land you already own. Joining for land deeded to a group is not done yet, sorry.
  • Second Life no longer plays sounds when it is minimized.
  • Fixes to texture animation system to make SMOOTH work correctly in combination with parameters besides TRANSLATE.
  • Minor performance improvements when lots of text is on the screen. Other minor performance optimizations.
  • Parcel directory fees now correctly counted in stipend calculations.
  • Disabled users no longer counted in group dividends/taxes.
  • Fixed issues with objects becoming invisible after unlinking or being detached from an avatar.
  • Fixed issues with textures sometimes not wrapping properly.
  • Whether objects are for sale or not survives being taken into inventory and dropped back into the world.
  • Fix for crash when compiling a script that defines a LSL Wiki: list of lists.
  • Fix for group panel where controls would not work correctly for some groups.
  • Fix for group panel which would occasionally display 'None' as a group member.
  • You can deed land to a group even if you have a negative balance.
  • Fix for losing clothing icons when trading inventory folders.
  • Hitting 'F' for Fly while sitting no longer unseats you.
  • Vehicles
    • Vehicles using linear deflection can now go backwards again.
    • Vehicles using VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_ROLL_ONLY no longer experience a singularity when their x-axis is parallel to the world z-axis.
    • Vehicle vertical attractor effectiveness now approaches zero for vehicles totally upside down ==> it will be easier for airplanes

to do a loop-de-loop.

    • VEHICLE_FLAG_LIMIT_MOTOR_UP has been added to the documentation.
    • The documentation now mentions that the VEHICLE_HOVER_HEIGHT uses the vehicle's "center of mass" when computing where to hover.
    • The vehicle banking behavior now has an automatic strength decay feature whose timescale is twice that of the vertical attractor,

which will prevent some vehicles from falling over into a perpetual spin. The decay is reset whenever the angular or linear motor is changed, so this decay should not be noticable for any vehicles that are being actively steered.

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