Version 1.0.8 Released August 20, 2003

  • Second Life now consumes less memory, improving performance on low memory computer systems.
  • The Profile window now tells you if an avatar belongs to a trial user or a resident.
  • Linked attachments now keep their proper shape after many crossings between simulators. Previously, small gnomes would appear and shove the pieces apart, but only by a fraction of a millimeter each time. We believe this was in an attempt to hide their nefarious plans, which also involved underpants.
  • You can no longer add a no-modify inventory item to object inventory. This caused an exploit where you could convert no-modify items into yes-modify items.
  • Fixed a problem where logging in when you had a very large number of pending IM messages would cause slow server responses.
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause nearby images to stay blurry while distant ones became sharp.
  • Login screen no longer uses 100% of the CPU.
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