Version 1.0.5 Released August 5, 2003

  • Changes to Seven-Day Free Trial

- Trial users can now fly anywhere in the world
- Trial users can no longer select "Pay" when clicking on an object. This should prevent problems with Second Life Residents losing L$ from gambling devices.
- Trial users can fly into non-trial areas with attachments, but can only create objects inside the trial area. This includes dropping attachments into the world, as well as duplicating existing objects.

  • "Outside Scripts" (scripts on or over your land which were not written by you) are allowed to run if >40 meters above the terrain. Thus, adver-blimps and the like should no longer get stuck in the sky if they enter a region where "outside scripts" are not permitted.
  • Fixed our most common server crash by rewriting the server image list.
  • Provide better error messages on failed login.
  • If you attempt to teleport to a server that isn't there, you will no longer be automatically moved a neighbor and charged for the teleport. The teleport will be blocked and you will not be charged.
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