Version 1.0.4 Released July 29, 2003

With Second Life v1.0.4 we are now able to better support free trials by new users. Beginning today (July 29, 2003), credit cards are no longer required to create free trial accounts. Additionally, we've extended the free trial period from 5 to 7 days.

When they first log into Second Life, trial users will arrive on the Prelude island, where they'll go through the basic Second Life orientation. Then they'll teleport to the Welcome Area on the mainland. They will remain in the region around the Welcome Area throughout their 7-day trial period. Trial users will start their Second Lives with L$300 Linden Dollars.

While in the Welcome Area, trial users will be able to:

  • Customize their avatar
  • Experiment with gestures and emotions
  • Meet and chat with current residents
  • Take introductory classes -- held frequently in the Welcome Area
  • Try out building in a new "sandbox" area in the Welcome Area

Once they upgrade from trial to active membership, new residents will receive an additional L$3000 and will have access to the full Second Life experience, including: teleporting throughout the world, attending all events, joining groups, posting on the SL forums, giving and receiving ratings, building, scripting, and uploading textures and sounds.

If you are a current trial user, your trial experience will be unaffected by these changes. You will continue to have full access to Second Life for the duration of your 5-day trial period. Users who sign up for free trial accounts as of July 29, 2003 will experience the new trial experience as described above.

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