Version 1.0.2

Released July 8, 2003

  • Groups must have at least three members or risk being automatically disbanded. If a group has fewer than three members for three days, a warning will be issued from the system to the group members. The group will be automatically disbanded the next day if it still has fewer than 3 members. No refund of the group's creation cost will be given.
  • Grass and trees now decay to public just like other objects.
  • Several animations have been changed to make them blend together better with gestures. These include backflip, kick_roundhouse, sit, turn_180, turnback_180, and yoga.
  • Fixed a problem where the head appeared to flicker briefly when you click the mouse.
  • Our most common server crash is fixed. Long lists of images waiting to be sent combined with poor alignment of the planets and a butterfly flapping its wings in China used to make it explode, but no longer.
  • Linking together several fireworks and an object with no script no longer causes a server crash when you try to launch the fireworks.
  • Added support for the latest ATI Catalyst 3.5 + hotfix drivers, which will be posted to
  • Secret Debug Feature: Second Life movies! This is not yet a supported feature, but you can try it out if you like. Press Ctrl-Alt-D to access the Debug menu and you'll see an option to record a movie to your hard drive.

You should run in a window when doing this, and make the window small (otherwise your computer won't be able to keep up saving the video).

In order to use it, you will need to pick a compression format (indicated by a "codec"). The default ones in Windows are not good, so to get better ones, go to: and get the 8.0 and 9.0 codecs. Once these are installed, they will appear in the codec picker that pops up when you start a capture as MPEG4 and Windows Media respectively.

The 8.0 codec is faster, but produces larger files.

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