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Second Life Release Notes: Version 1.0.10

In keeping with our Second Life version update motto – if it’s on the fritz, we’ll find the fix – version 1.0.10 is coming at you Thursday morning, September 4, for a mandatory update. Second Life will be unavailable from 6-8AM Pacific Time as well deploy the update.

There’s nothing earth-shattering here, but for those affected the fixes in version 1.0.10 will be like mana from heaven: we’ve corrected a seemingly random crash bug, improved ability to attach things people are sitting on, empowered chat to cross trial borders, and plugged a memory leak.

Second Life version 1.0.10 Notes
Released September 4, 2003

*Version 1.0.10 squashes a bug launched in 1.0.8 that caused some Residents to experience the heartbreak of frequent and random crashing. Sure, we said that same thing in the release notes for version 1.0.9, but this was a completely different bug.

*Second Life used to crash if you tried to attach an object to yourself while another Resident was sitting on it. As there really are no good reasons to do this – beyond attempting to crash a sim – now you can’t.

*Chat originating in Trial simulators used to die at border. Maybe this didn’t really bother anyone, and changes to Second Life trials will largely moot the point, but chat from Trial sims now crosses the border properly.

*A memory leak caused by scripts that manipulate list of stings has been plugged and will leak no more.

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