Second Life 0.5.2

Released April 10, 2003

Better warning messages if login fails due to the computer's clock being set to earlier than March 2003.

Incorporated new terms of service into installer.

Better login error messages.

Fix for our most common server crash, related to fast-moving avatars (moving so fast they forget to send updates about their own positions).

Avatar no longer stumbles after a jump on level ground.

llGetMass no longer returns a mass of zero. This lead to the physics engine not properly detecting collisions and avatars being able to walk through walls.

Fixed money exploit due to attachments being detached by scripts.

Fixed problem where you could not fly out of a region that was at object capacity (10,000 objects) if you were wearing attachments.

Yet another fix for invisible objects and avatars. In some cases we were sending both a kill message and a create message at the same time, which would make the client very confused. Also, we now clean up objects in far away regions more appropriately.

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