0.2.1 patch, release 12/18/2002

This version fixes several major crash bugs, as well as improving several other behaviors.

  • Crash where a gesture made by another avatar could crash everyone who could see that avatar. This caused most of the viewer crashes people have had near the start area in the last two days.
  • Crash while scrolling or clicking in the chat history window.
  • OpenGL crash related to drawing complex avatars.
  • OpenGL crash related to problems starting hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.
  • Crash upon emptying the trash when the trash was already empty.
  • Crash reporter is more reliable.
  • Attachments are no longer lost if you are in a simulator that crashes.
  • Shift-drag on arrows to duplicate objects works more reliably, with less shifting of the copied object.
  • Landmarks, textures, and calling cards in lists are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Texture "Save As..." to disk now works more reliably.
  • The names that appear over the avatar heads are drop shadowed, making them easier to read.
  • Opening a profile by double-clicking a name in the leaderboard shows the right name.
  • You can send an IM to an object's owner by clicking on the "Profile" button in the object info panel.
  • Land claim dates are now correctly displayed.

New Feature

  • Simulator names are displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, along with a "simulator rating". Simulators rated "mature" are appropriate for foul language, sex, nudity, violence, etc. up to the limits in our terms of service. Simulators rated PG are not appropriate for such behaviors. A community standards document discussing these issues will be released soon.
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