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Note: Oz Spade in Real Life is currently in college and will be unavailable at long periods of times to answer questions or reply to comments. I will try to do what I can, when I can, but if it's urgent you can email me through gmail (ozspade).

Oz Spade

Contact In World: Oz Spade
Can also sometimes be found in #secondlife on EFnet, irc.

Born: 9/23/2003
A very odd fellow indeed!

One of the "founders" of the most recent incarnation of a history project for SL.

Oz Spade...

  • ... rarely finishes things.
  • ... sometimes forgets things.
  • ... is a dirty old man.

Other Projects:

  • The Black Sun - While maybe not the first, it was said to be the best representation of The Black Sun from Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash" by many users. It was located in the great sim of Freelon (121, 92), almost in the middle, next to the Amazon Nation's great land (where Launa Fauna's shop now stands). Fully scripted with both Gorilla and Graveyard Daemons as well as a bartender bot, falling safes and anvils on command, and many other fun things. One of Oz's first builds and large projects he would work day and night on it. Darque Grimm later joined to help out with some scripting and objects. After becoming involved with the Ouranos group, Oz decided The Black Sun could use a better home and asked to move it to the Aleph sim (at the time to be a city) where Lain Kothari joined the team to also help out with various things. Currently however The Black Sun is on hold (and has been deleted) as projects take different directions, Oz hopes to one day resurect The Black Sun in all its glory. There have been other Black Sun projects, but Oz has had little if any involvement with these. Oz's latest creation related to the book Snow Crash has been to actualy create Snow Crash itself, while it does not harm you it is somewhat fun to use, Oz gives out free samples by request.
  • Public Graffiti Project - Originaly "Oz's Meat" and now the graffiti project as well as "The Black Market". This project allows anyone to leave "graffiti" tags (objects with textures) on the building to a degree. Simular in style to this wiki, anyone is free to contribute. Currently located in Sistiana, click the Graffiti Info tag on the roof of the building for more information.
  • History Project - This is by far not the first History Project in Second Life however it does seem to be the only one currently existing. Oz started the Historical Society with Zero Medici and Merwan Marker. The first goal was to build a History Museum, which was done with land donated by Zero and built by Oz Spade. The History Museum can be seen at Phobos (220,167) on new land, currently there is most of the information on this wiki as well as several historic objects and images. The History Project then progressed onto a wiki with Eggy Lippmann and Jarod Godel contributing. Now the wiki has moved here with thanks to Adam Zaius.

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