U.S. Black Ops was originally a branch of special operatives from U.S. Military, a military simulation group made by many from Mercz. Founded by Grey Blankes, Huffington Skolem, and Kitsune Basiat. The group recruited many ex-mercz and the best many military sims had to offer, and stayed together even after the fall of U.S. Military and went on to be a "Counter-Grieving" group. Taking contracts from residents who needed protection or who the lindens didn't help lasted awhile but with more and more updates Linden Labs made the protection service mostly moot. U.S. Black Ops store then began to provide income since the jobs became fewer and fewer. Starting off the store in Jeogori the group sold a few weapons and military themed accessories until they developed a bullet with a tracking system. Then the store began to take off and relocated to radjin. Black Ops continued to create more weapons and relocated once again to their sim Fiddlers Green and from there created a combat sim now called Radjin-3.