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Treet.TV (formerly Second Life Cable Network) is a professional video group based in Melbourne, Australia that produces webcasts and podcasts in and about SL. Their shows can be viewed live in-world, and off-world via the internet.

In March 2007 Treet's pilot program, Texas' Aussie Music Party, broadcast live coverage of 6 bands, with interviews and news to in-world and real-world viewers. With the launch of "That S'Life", Treet began producing weekly scheduled prgramming for virtual broadcast television.

Treet.TV has also covered other notable live events like the SL International Technology Expo organized by the V3 Group in April 2007 and the SL Best Practices in Education conference held in May 2007.

Treet now features eight distinct channels, apart from thier live feed, featuring niche programming such as a shopping channel, an all sports channel, a music channel dedicated to SL performances, and a business channel.


Wiz Nordberg - Treet.TV Owner

Texas Timtam - Executive Producer

Starr Sonic - Executive Producer

Vox Mullen - Executive Producer, Sports

Truman Donaldo - Chief Videographer

Weekly Programs

Authors In Your Pocket

Meet the Author

Meta Makeover


MODA Fashion Spotlight

Music Academy onLIVE

Music on the Isle

Real Biz in SL

That S'Life

Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe


Sail On

SL Hockey


SLSBA Simboarding

Coppa TIM Soccer

Giant Snail Races

Program Hosts

Adele Ward - Meet the Author

Benton Wunderlich - Music Academy

Beyers Sellers - Metanomics

Coloradocowboy Manen - MODA Fashion Spotlight

Cybergrrl Oh - Real Biz in SL

Dencur Signals - SLSBA Simboarding

DJ Jenns - Coppa TIM Soccer

duckyfresh Watanabe - That S'Life

Greg Drayman - SLASCAR Racing

Kiboe Munro - SLASCAR Racing

Kymbah Spicer - Meta Makeover

Peggy Hicks - Authors in Your Pocket

MarkTwain White - Sail On

Paisley Beebe - Tonight Live

RacerX Gullwing - Giant Snail Races

Saffia Widdershins - Meta Makeover

Suku Ming - SLASCAR Racing

Yxes Delacroix - SL Shopping

Vox Mullen - SL Hockey

Wiz Nordberg - Giant Snail Races

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