Tina (PetGirl) Bergman

Swedish designer/artist/marketing specialist Tina (PetGirl) Bergman has been in SL since February 2005 and has made quite a name by very actively pursuing both short- and long term projects.


  • The EXAKT shop in SL for exclusive design of lamps, interior decoration and furniture - Verloren 216, 30, 33 (Closed for renovation)
  • Design and content related assignments IRL/SL for Big-Bit, Bildt Online - The AvaStar - [Tina had a weekly 1/2 page - Tina's must haves - since the start of the magazine. Now closed down.], Otherland, and others.
  • Design and construction of SL houses -->> and stores, such as PrimaDonna, Pham Neutra's (Markus Breuer) private house, and Estrelle Fauna's private house. Built Second Life's largest pool (now gone) at Doyle for Script Shark.
  • Light-setting specialist, with numerous assignments where the ambience is of importance.


  • Art projects/installations, such as ”Pixels In The Wind” (during Burning Life 2006 - and ”Dance and Crime Scene” - at Osprey Therian´s - Photography Studio (the first hit-and-run art burglary in SL - - Look for Monday, November 13, 2006). ”Drive safe in Second Life” (March 2007), an interactive multimedia perfomance artwork, occured both in Second Life and the Second Citizen forums.


  • SL marketing of Sweden and the Swedish; example: arranged the first genuine Swedish Lucia party in SL and in AL cyber (a part of cyber history!) - in co-operation with Phreak Radio , in December 2006. More about it - here - and - here.

Marketing Sweden and the Swedish people at different forums as well as in fullpage ADs placed in AvaStar magazine, M2 Metaverse Meesenger, Second Style to mention a few of many.

Activities around typical Swedish things as:

  • Arranged the first Swedish Midsummer (including Design of the typical Swedish MidsummerPole with help of Osprey Therain - texture) in Second Life, made the Swedish Nationaldress - a project together with Pandora Jensen - Both are to find in the special made ”EXAKT - Swedish Box”. Also arranged the first genuine Swedish Lucia party in SL and in AL cyber (a part of cyber history!) Read more about this above the picture
  • A member of the group Svenska Folkets Lucia i Second Life 2007, 2008 and 2009 - who produce Swedish Lucia in Second Life with Swedish People in SL. All income was donated to the Swedish Red Cross in SL (2008). Pictures : here


  • Run information at Swedens largest free (free from company strings), oldest and - and most succesfull information group in SL - Swedish People in SL - This group are not tied to any organisation or company.
  • Run information by a blogg ”Tinas Universum” (In Swedish only - Google Translator are aviable at the page!) - -for the Swedish Community in Second Life - since 31/12 2007. Daily updated. Today 31/1 2010 - more than 3.600 bloggs published!
  • For ”newbies” special designed furniture - Red & Black - at the GNUBIE store. Also special made furniture - Blue & Black - donated to the Teen Grid and Blue Linden.


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