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Timeless Prototype


Timeless Prototype is the well-known creator of the MultiGadget and the Timeless Gadget Shop. Resident of Second Life since 2004.

Timeless is a founding committee member for the SL Developers Patterns Focus Group, a group that is a sub set of SLDev and seeks to reveal the secrets to success for real world businesses operating in virtual worlds (the metaverse).


Timeless has contributed time and effort to communities within Second Life. These include the Annual Satellite Exhibition (founded by Timeless Prototype in 2005), American Cancer Society's Relay For Life (Jade Lily, Fayandria Foley), the Annual Scripters' Trade Show (Splat1 Edison, 2004) and RavKom (helping former gambling equipment maker Ravenous Dingo convert his main business into land rentals and developing a community within that, since the new Terms of Service disallowed gambling in Second Life). Not so visible is all the effort Timeless has spent testing and bug reporting within Second Life.

Less known is Timeless' involvement with many casual groups throughout the grid, including the (in)famous Allaince Navy combat group. Despite continued exposure, many reports of alt accounts persist showing that perhaps Timeless does take a break from his near-legendary main account to enjoy the finer things in (Second) Life.

Second Life Mentor

Timeless Prototype is a Second Life Mentor, however due to the maximum number of groups an avatar can belong to he had to leave the mentor group to make way for current projects. Instead, his older and wiser original account, Timeless Rubio is now his mentor avatar.

Timeless Prototype's mentoring style is one-on-one, long term, student paced and, where possible, the student is encouraged to teach another. A fine example student is Jiminy Roo who is now a proficient LSL scripter (The WASP), texturer and SL businessman (TyroTech).