Time is used throughout real-life history (the main/initial focus of this website) and Second Life.

  • SL's timezone is called SLT (Second Life Time or Standard Linden Time). It is equivalent to PST/PDT (Pacific Standard Time)/Pacific Daylight Time), the real world timezone of Linden Lab.
  • SL has many script functions that deal with time exclusively, including a timer event.
  • Each time an object is created it has a timestamp.
  • A resident has an SL birthdate (date and time are intricately linked).
  • In-world events are at (and last for) specific times.
  • Records are recorded in time and some deal exclusively with breaking time records.
  • Estate owners have an option to commence a rollback on one or more of their regions. A rollback restores the region to a point in time, restoring lost and removed content and removing new content since then, similar to time travel.

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