This alliance was created on December 2nd, 2008, and consists mostly of ex-Ascendent Initiative armies, namely, 2142, Sparta, 39th, and Guerilla Rebels. The only ally not included was the Alliance Navy.

In November 2008, Vanguard supposedly disbanded, and in an odd letter to his troops, Christoph Naumova directed his followers to join the Alliance Navy. On the heels of whispers that Jim Herbst, leader of AN, had been spending ample time at the Vanguard base, armies across the grid were still shocked that Naumova would direct his troops to join an enemy faction during the disbanding.

Several Vanguard later admitted they were told to hide the Vanguard group in their file, though many claimed it was only so they could hear news when Vanguard was reassembled. However, given Vanguard's reputation as griefers, the members of the Ascendent Initiative were aghast that the AN would go on to accept nearly every VG that applied to join.

It was soon learned that an apparent deal was struck between Christoph and Jim after the AN could no longer afford their tier fees (this caused when an ex-AN member reported the sim for not being used for educational purposes) and a deal was struck.(This information was proven false by the release of the Alliance Navy's Financial Records to Bruno whom has never issued an apology or retraction of False and misleading information)

Disgusted at this information, and with past wounds from failure on the part of the AN to better care for its allies, the AI dispersed, 3 of its members (Sparta, 2142, and GR) forming an alliance with an old friend (39th) and a new friend (SLSN).


In January of 2009, 39th announced they would be withdrawing from The Commonwealth. The largest reasoning for their actions was the lack of action in other leaders to actively participate in discussions to head The Commonwealth in a new direction.

Shortly afterwards, in that same day, Guerilla Rebels announced it's withdrawal from the alliance as well. Many reasons have been given, but all are so far speculation, as neither 1IC or 2IC of the army has communicated reasoning at this time.

Faction members

Currently, the Commonwealth consists of: