The Brood Demon Faction is one of several factions within the City of Lost Angels dark RPG. One of the first factions in the game, the Brood has supported the game by contributing excellent role play and creative membership for nearly 2 years.

The Brood faction it's self is based upon the idea that Demons have emerged through the Hell gate to live among the populace that reside in the city.

Their main objective was to protect the Hell gate at the behest of 7 demon lords they serve whom form "The Pact".

Though this objective has changed to some degree over the past 2 years due to events in the game, the primary purpose remains: serve the 7 demon lords whom form the pact, and spread sin and corruption throughout the city and it's residents.

Factional write up is as follows...

The Brood

There are whispers in the night, even among the creatures of darkness themselves, about a force underground, about powers moving and thriving and driving the darkness into every creature's heart. Be it man, vampire, lycan, neko or supernatural, all whisper one name "The Brood".

The brood are demons of all kinds, united under a single banner, for a single cause: to spread their power, inspire fear and drive their victims into the control of one... or more... of the seven deadly sins. Everyone shall fall to this darkness.

As the comet Wormwood passed over earth, bathing it with it's pale light, the gates to heaven and hell opened and creatures crept into this material plane. Long had the world already seen chaos and strife, and creatures of legend walked the darkness openly. So to did Angels appear to strike down the primal forces and bring the order of the righteous to this world. But the Lords and Ladies of hell perceived these changes as an opportunity. Already the first demons appeared in the open. Yet their impact in this world was, though each one was by itself strong and vile, only a minor force.

The lords were not pleased. The demonlords contemplated the situation. Each one tried to further his own agenda. They sent demons to defile the creatures of earth and heaven, and battled one another. And soon it became clear to them: The world would maybe inevitably fall, but their part in this downfall would never be a great one. Their servants and followers could not concentrate their power like this. Thus, the lords and ladies of hell met, and "The Pact" was created.

Under the agreement, called "The Pact", united forces of demons were born to deal with the situation, banded together following a single leadership and this power's hierarchy. Each force was to deal with a different site and situation on earth. For the Hell gate in LA, the Brood was formed.

The Brood is lead by a hierarchy of demons, who have been chosen by the Lords and Ladies they serve, to preside over the areas now openly accessible to mortals. Although mortals refer to these regions as "Hell", they are merely an expanse of hell towards the mortal world. The true depths of hell are still not easily passable by the living. The Brood provides all demons of this faction with the means to pass between the mortal realm and the nether hell, to learn about these new environments. So demons, who have never had the chance to enter earth before, are now given a chance to prove themselves, to spread the influence of hell and thus prove their worthiness to the leaders of the Brood and the Lords and Ladies of hell themselves.

As a member of the brood, your goal is it, to spread "darkness" in the hearts of mortals and immortals alike. You further the seven deadly sins on earth. You hold the truth no one wants to see. You are aware of the blinding light and the beauty of darkness. You are part of a strong family, of a united force. Your chance is it to defile the living and unliving alike. You enjoy the freedom, where others are caught in their own boundaries, caught in their own net of morals and beliefs. You can give others a glimpse of this freedom which knows no limits, neither in pain, nor in crime, not in moral, not even in death. As a member of the brood you don't stand alone. The power of the brood is yours to call on, and it is yours to follow.

As a member of the brood you enjoy protection by the brood, you are free to spread the sins among others, but you also have duties to follow. You are to follow your superiors. The word of the Arch Demoness is law to you, and the orders of her generals have to be followed, for they speak in her name. Only in this fashion can the united force of demon kind spread its power and you will find, that you are part of this power.

The Demon Lords

These Demon Lords are the current roster of Lords who are considered to be in support of the Brood and their activities on earth. This is reflected in character as those Lords sharing a mutual "Pact" of cooperation and support of those demons who head through the gate from Hell to the mortal realm.

These Demon Lords are optional as a choice for use to enhance your role play as a demon character in the City of Lost Angels and as a member of the Brood.

Choosing one of these lords may be reflected as part of your "title" (in CCS). Well role played acts in service to this chosen lord will be subject for review and reward by XP. If you feel you've had a good scene or you witnessed on by a comrade/fellow demon player, you should log it (with their consent) and submit it to me. Allow me the time to review this log and decide on a reasonable reward for your loyalty and service to the Brood and the Demon Lords.


The fascinatingly beautiful and alluring demoness Lilith is the Lady of Lust. As the first wife of Adam, her knowledge, her hunger for sex, and her strong will were unbearable, even for the first man. For her deeds she was exiled from heaven, choosing a life in the demon-ridden deserts rather than staying a slave in heaven.

Even there her knowledge in the ways of physical love and an unending curiosity, her daring nature, set her path. She bred many new demons, her children, the Lilin, many of them Succubi or Incubi of great influence and impressive power. She became a demon of her own choice, using the power of lust, and since then she has never strayed from her way, which served her so well.

She has not strayed, but extended her horizon. Being one of the first alone doesn't assure ones survival and power, but the will to use ones skills, the will to learn and adapt are what made Lilith one of the Demon lords with the greatest influence.

She never feared the proximity of other demons, and this didn't change, when it was clear, that her power over the domain of lust puts her well into the realm of the other demon lords.

Or maybe it is the fact, that she left the paradise, before she ate from the fruit of wisdom, that she chose her path as a human, untouched by conscience that is her great secret. You won't know if you stand before her, because her beauty will make you forget anything else. There is just one wish when you have seen her: Her.

Her knowledge of just how to fascinate someone, and her beauty however, don't guarantee any success for Lilith, as she keeps finding out in her attempts to charm the lord Ba'al and make him hers. She has noticed his messengers at the court of Abbaddon in the past and became curious as to who might dare to talk to Abbaddon, especially, as most of the servants sent also seemed to return. Then, one day, she finally got her answer with her own eyes, as she saw Ba'al leave the great War-Fortress, which forms Abbaddon's home. She took a liking of his sad beauty, yet he does not answer her messages. However, each time she enters his domain to vent her frustration and hurt pride, she finds herself asking why she should be doing this. In the end she leaves again, after having spoken to Ba'al and has gained nothing. She has not given up, yet.

As the time progressed and the time of the pact approached, when the gates of hell were torn open, Lilith already had found, that her power alone was not enough. Even greater effects can be made true through the combination of powers. In this regards she knows well how to approach the other Lords, even Ba'al, on a professional levels. These combinations can be seen in our world, as lust and greed combine in prostitution and a booming sex-industry. Lilith enjoys the work with her sister Namaah very much.

With Abaddon, Lilith always was pretty close. Sex and violence just somehow go together well, and they learn each other's way well. A combination like this lead to the creation of the impressive and mesmerizing Battle-Succubi, whose Lustful moves and wild anger combine into an irresistible power.

From Lamashtu Lilith learned about the power of drugs, and the arousing qualities of consumption. The results can be seen throughout the world in the use of aphrodisiacs or in the fetish of feeding. And these are but small examples, for what the combinations of the Lords' power allow.

The children of Lilith seek to spread and further lust in their victims, be it through aggressive sexual openness, through subtle control, through magic or with words and images. Many of her children are Succubi or Incubi who can inspire sexual desire with a simple gesture, with their words, or with their gorgeous looks alone. They might not effortlessly with their looks alone throw a whole group of its course, but with the right preparation, a bit of magic, or just the right words, moves and looks they can still achieve that goal more effectively than any human could. Once a human is lost to her own desires, the soul can quickly be lost to the demon, as the victim craves more and more of his desire and slowly slips into deeper and deeper perversions.

But Lilith's agents also can lie outside the Ranks of Succubi and Incubi, as long as inspiring lust and desire is the primary target of a demon. Skilled word can serve that goal just as well as magic and supernaturally good looks. Well placed words and gifts can lead a victim down the path of lust and perversion - sometimes even drugs are used to further that goal and in the end spell doom.


Unbreakable. A rock of confidence. An unbearable power of arrogance. These are maybe the first things to behold, would you see Belial. He often appears as the most confident and influential of the demon lords, and his way of behavior makes many younger demons and mortals to assume Belial would be the demon lord with the greatest raw power. But it is only his unshakable confidence, that creates this image in the mind of people.

Indeed, neither defeat nor destruction can shake Belial's pride. More than once has he been, during the long phase of his reign in hell, faced with great opposition, and more than once lost a great part of his power, but he always regained what he had. And he was always sure it had to be this way. His pride is what brought him into trouble in the first place, most of the time, but also is, what helps him out of it again. Because of this, he is one of the oldest rulers of hell. His domain never been utterly destroyed, his post never vacant or replaced by another power. Unshakable.

For a long time he was shunned and often offended by the other Lords, often because his arrogance insulted them, sometimes, because his hurt pride demanded satisfaction. The latter puts him in a constant love-hate relationship with Lamashtu.

His pride does not always spell success for Belial. Interested in Lamashtu for a long time already, nearly since the day she appeared as a Lady of hell, and took the domain of Gluttony, he has been searching for a way to her heart, yet her unending hunger always kept her demanding for more, always kept her demanding for things he could not easily provide. Thus he finds himself fascinated and repelled at the same time by this Lady of hell. His ego would not accept defeat, and yet, when she turns him down again and again, after a period of time, things stand on the brink of war between the two.

Lately however, the pact has forced even these two warring Lords to work together. No power can stand alone in these times, and everyone has to learn and grant his powers to the other. This is not to say things are at ease nowadays, but have to be kept under control.

An alliance, or even friendship between Abaddon and Belial already stands for a long time. Abaddon's wrath can break out easily, once pride has been hurt, the two of them found their combination a natural mix for a long time already. The mixture is indeed a deadly and powerful one, but not one to be taken without caution for any kind of care and reason is cast aside, and it takes the combined power of other Demon lords, to bring Belial away from the path of Wrath and hurt Pride again.

Pride also mixes well with envy and greed, as Belial found lately, and thus, despite the acts of Leviathan in the past, he also reaches out to his knowledge and ways, as well as towards Namaah. And these are only the beginning of paths yet to learn, for the passing of the comet is only the start of this age.

Belial's pride spreads to his children, and all who meet him or his direct descendants find it hard to ignore their charisma. Their pride makes them good succubi, but also people who seem like leaders, or sometimes just ultimately arrogant persons without anything to hold in their favor at all.

Indeed Belial's children and followers try to bolster and increase pride in their victims by all means necessary. Be it by displaying these traits in themselves or helping those already set on this path. Reassuring words and pulling strings in the background are easy parts of their repertoire. Their openly high opinion of themselves also can make them quite arrogant, yet to their victims nevertheless interesting succubi or incubi. These ways are the more common, the children walk, but by far not the only one. Indeed they may not be seen acting as arrogant, beautiful creatures of perversion, but some rather slip into the role of a submissive, seemingly willing slave, if this would boost the confidence and pride of her victim. And even in such a position, control can be executed with the right words and deeds.

They take a special liking in leaders and all charismatic persons, or short in everyone who knows having control over something. Behind every statesman who believes himself to be the center of the world, behind every leader of a company who ignores his workers and does everything only to maximize his own impact on the surrounding world, especially behind every star, but also behind the teacher at school, who believes his teachings are superior and right, behind every family father or mother who tries to make their children follow their footsteps, but never accept their progress, never seeing the children reach or surpass them, one of Belial's brood might be working its influence.

Throughout the ages the children of Belial not only saw to the spreading of Pride, but also in dealing with hurt pride. Arrogant warriors may come from this line, and Belial's brood will often also support the ones under their control to "redeem" hurt pride by all means necessary.

And of course pride can not only displayed in oneself. Surpassing someone else, or getting hold of anything you can combines Pride with Envy or Greed, and these are only some of the ways Belial's brood walk these days.

Like this the sin of Pride is spread into the world, working on the victim's egos until they believe themselves to be the center of the world.


Some say Abaddon is the devil himself, for his anger and outbreaks of violence are legendary even among the rulers of demon kind. Maybe he shares part of his souls with the devil, maybe he is the representation of his anger, and maybe he is the devil himself. Whatever might be the case, Abaddon is the Lord of Wrath.

It is not known if he is the most powerful among the rulers of hell, yet it often seems so. One thing is sure though: He is definitely the most forward and direct of the Lords. Think about speaking to Abaddon? You better change your thoughts, for if he wants to summon you, it is very likely, he will show his anger to you. Being near him makes ones own dark feeling of anger and violence run amok, hard to control, every breath burns like fire, every creature around suddenly is nothing more than a vent for these feelings planted inside one by the great Lord.

He even has been known to destroy some of his servants in a fit of rage, if their progress did not go to his liking. For this, those that remain in his service for a longer time either grow quite resistive, able to take the punishment, or have never seen the great or any of his direct servants.

More than once, Abaddon has been very close on declaring war on another demon lord or lady. There have been minor skirmishes, usually ending in Abaddon's favor, for not only his own powers are the most aggressive, his servants also display the greatest violence and skill when it comes to offensive combat. They can mow down most other fighters. The other lords can do little to stop him, if he cuts loose, only Ba'al seems to have the power to even calm Abaddon's fury down, which he so far has always done with success. But Abaddon's anger could so far either be calmed by Ba'al or simply be left without fuel as the other Lords and Ladies avoided him.

Abaddon has strong ties to Belial. Often these two converse together, learning about each other, combining their power. Abaddon, Demon lord with the most raw power learn to lift his chin and let the worlds know of his power. And in return he teaches Belial how to "redeem" hurt pride.

Since the comet passed through the sky, and the pact was formed on earth, all the Lords and Ladies of hell look towards Abaddon to learn at least a bit about his power, and he willingly shares his anger for in these times, unity is important. The unity may not always be harmonious and it may not be forever, but for these days, they spell success.

As much as people say that Lamashtu has a hand in the vampire curse, there are rumors, that Abaddon has his fingers in the Lycan plague, but so far yet any Lycans have to show up who would pray to Abaddon. Maybe this curse lies too long in the past, for any to remember, or maybe it is just a lie.

The children of Abaddon carry the sin of wrath into the world. A look of their eyes into yours causes mortals' control to weaken and their anger to rise, until they jump and scream and get ready to sue excessive violence over even the most simple failures and disputes. Often Abaddon's followers and children are very violent by themselves, representing a part of his anger, and furthering violence, strictly following the way of "an eye for an eye". They further and maintain the practice of vengeance, they cause anger and hate to blossom, more often with action than with words.

Some of Abaddon's children however are not that forward and open in their approach. Instead of approaching in an aggressive and violent fashion, they seem quite friendly. They extend a helping hand towards their victims, gain their trust and get to know their enemies, get to understand what angers them. Then, with careful words and subtle manipulation, these children of Abaddon slowly strengthen the victim in his belief of hate and anger, pointing out the importance of those things, that bug the victim, furthering their will to act against it and lessening their will to resist the release of anger. They will praise their violence, they will cause diplomatic negotiations to fail, so that war can break out, they will carry on the anger between races, without ever falling into violence themselves.

Some even rather accept the violence given by others, than act against it, accepting every strike, every angered scream, every peace of hate, and their gentle responses only serve to even further the will to carry on in their victims.

The weaknesses of vampires and lycans called rage and fury are well liked entertainment among the children of Abaddon.

Such are the ways to spread wrath among mortals and immortals alike.


Knowledge is power. Everyone knows this phrase. Knowledge grants power over the palpable and the abstract. If one wants to best someone or master something, knowledge is the key. No one knows this better than Leviathan, the Lord of Envy.

If he ever was only a small light, is debatable, like any knowledge about all the lords and ladies of Hell is debatable. His domain now, however, is clear. He is the master of envy and often, also, the master of knowledge, especially about enemies, rivals, and even allies. He dwells in the depth of the oceans and in the depth of mortals hearts alike. His power can be felt, whenever you ask yourself, why someone near to you achieved a goal and not you. His power can be felt, whenever you yearn for an ability or quality someone else possesses. His power can even be felt, in every strife for power, and in every contest. Once the power he has inside a mortal grows strong enough, the poor soul will do anything to destroy the source of his envy.

Leviathan is not known for violence. Violence is one way to satisfy and fight down envy, by destroying what you envy, but the path of knowledge is a lot more rewarding. His influence moves in small steps: Find out the source of envy. Learn how to conquer it by becoming better or by finding ways to undermine the target of the envy. And finally use the power against the target, for only like this can release be found.

Once, Leviathan went forward in such a way against another Lord, the Lady of greed, Naamah. She had faster ways of acquiring material things, and an insatiable hunger for possessions. Leviathan placed his followers among her own flock. He learned of her ways by watching his servants from afar. He yearned for her possessions, but not for the material possessions, but for the seeming ease, with how she conquered them. He wanted to take it away from her, and thus set his plan in motion, undermining her allies and followers. Yet this aggression would not remain undetected. And soon he found himself facing Namaah's anger.

War erupted between these two, but with all the knowledge Leviathan already had acquired over Namaah and her ways, he easily avoided her traps and tools and put her servants to silence. In fact, his efficiency and gloating over his impending victory spread fear in the other demon lord's hearts. So it was agreed, that Leviathan was to be banished into the deepest depth.

The banishment worked well in Leviathan's image. Upon his attack on Namaah, some of his servants stumbled over a map of a city in the depth and managed to snatch it from Namaah's possessions. What exactly sparked Leviathan's interest in a sunken city is unknown. But it is known very well is, that about 23 years after his banishment, every demon lords received a messenger from Leviathan. All had the same message: In 1999 years a comet will pass over the world. It will cloud the world in darkness, and weaken the barriers between the land of dead, the heavens, the hells, the dreamlands and earth.

Leviathan presented each demon lord and -lady with a plan on how to open gates of hell on earth - instead of swearing revenge he used whatever he found in the depth to increase all of their power over earth. He implicated that only a combined action might be of use at that time. Of course the other rulers of hell researched and were reluctant to believe, but they came to the conclusion, that the comet at least was not a lie and that it might carry and bestow these qualities on earth, Leviathan had foretold. So they all prepared for that day.

With this deed Leviathan redeemed himself. Yet he chose to stay in the depth, guarding whatever he found down there, much to the dislike of Namaah.

That was until the comet passed and the pact was formed. Namaah and Leviathan seem to have come to an agreement for the Lady of Greed visited Leviathan several times in his depth - his place of banishment has become his new home, from where he new extends his power - and the watchful eyes do not behold aggression between the two, the voices tell of no threats, but of a combination of power. It truly seems a new time has begun for the Lords.

And from his place in the depth he extends his power far outwards, and is fighting for the heart of Lamashtu with quite some success. She more and more departs from her former lover Belial, who, as "chance" has it happen, was one of the fiercest speakers against Leviathan in the past war against Naamah.

As a follower of Leviathan you spread envy in the hearts of mortals. You point out weaknesses of your victims by showing them what those around them have and they lack. You drive them to even the odds, less by inspiring your victims to acquire the goods of others for themselves, but more by finding ways to undo what makes them better. Learn and spread knowledge, ever so twisted and tainted, that everything someone else achieves is worth nothing.

Some of Leviathan's children are outright violent and spreading the need for violence. They might seem like the children of Abaddon, but their violence is more aimed. They spread hatred sprung by envy. Maybe they are looked down on by the more subtle children of Leviathan, but their effectiveness is impressive nevertheless, for even in violence they have a tendency to use every bit of knowledge of their enemy's weakness against them. (This is also what sets them apart from Abaddon's children. Those rely more on their own power and superiority - for good reason)

Spreading envy by being better, having more, is also a simple, but effective path taken by Leviathan's brood. Especially taking away loved ones, by using superior looks, the right words and touches, just to cause jealousy, is always a "fun" way to spend time for Succubi and Incubi in the service of Leviathan.


Sloth? What might one think about, when thinking of sloth? Sure not of the image of a frail, but beautiful, albeit slightly sad young man, sitting in a slowly decaying dark fortress, thinking of what might be done, but not doing anything. That is just the picture, that would be presented, if entering Ba'al's stronghold. As the demon lord over the domain of Sloth, he also displays certain features of the very sin, he carries into the world and controls with his very being.

With his lazy and depressive impression he leaves when watching him, when being near him or his domain in the nether hells, Baal is often regarded as something like a lesser demon lord. Most think he basically does nothing, but just sit there and watch the world and years go by. The impression is not utterly right. He does what needs to be done, seldom more than it, and sometimes even allowing actions to fail or waiting for chances to pass that he might easily have taken to increase his power. However his domain is rather big. Yet none of the other Lords or Ladies has taken it, and it is doubtable, that this shall only be, because most of his realm is in a state of increasing entropy.

It rather seems, at meetings, he even discourages the other rulers of hell, from being overzealous. He may stop their will to act, and this is even good so, for with his help, even Abaddon's anger can be calmed. There is reason for the notion, that only with Ba'al's help, a pact among more than two of the demon lords is possible at all, for even their urges are calmed by his power.

Ba'al has never taken interest in the female demon lords, but his agents can often been seen in the courts of Abaddon, bringing messages or retrieving news. There have been cases, where servants have een lost, but these cases are sparingly few. More than once has Ba'al himself been seen entering or leaving Abaddon's great war-fortress, so some suspect their relationship is more than just a deeper alliance.

His handsome, slightly sad looks have brought the eyes of Lilith on him, but he has not yet responded to any of the offers she has made to him.

During the time of the pact, Ba'als working is something the lords could not do without. he manages to calm the waves and conflicts between each of them, so that reason can once more find its way. With his help a great part of the pact could only have been formed, for before his intervention the Lords and Ladies were arguing over minor and major details of the pact and its phrasing. Everyone was going for the greatest power. But when Ba'al approached, they all saw how futile it was, and then a pact - the pact - could be forged that would enable all the lords to execute their power over the mortal domains through the combination of their powers. It may be a strange working that just the Lord of Sloth manages to set the course by simply showing all how futile and stupid their little pickings at each other were. Still things are not in harmony, but now the pact is formed.

In the world of flesh, Ba'al's work is found everywhere. His acts are diverse. He spreads depression and sadness for which the cause is unknown to medics of body and mind. These fits can be so bad, that his victims don't feel the urge to go to work anymore, or forget to sleep, they don't meet with their friends or family anymore, and in the end they might even forget to eat. A soul dying in such a way surely falls to Ba'al. Not every work of his, is so obvious though. He urges people to do only the minimum needed to achieve a goal, even risking it might fail. He is responsible for introducing entropy into existing structures and slowly allowing them to decay, just because don't look for them anymore. The structures can be a physical construct, but as well be a social community, slowly breaking apart, because parts of it stop devoting themselves to it. Such is the Sin of Sloth.

The children of Ba'al are often a sad, yet somehow fascinating bunch. They look to be lazy to the point of being self-destructive, but this outlook is only presented to the humans at first sight. They encourage people to let go of a designed task, because "what would it mean in the end?" They show their victims how useless their acts are in the great picture, and thus how much better it would be not to act, or.... not to spend any excessive power on anything. As a follower of Ba'al you like to create the impression, that every goal can still be reached by investing only a minimum of effort so that the rest can be used to "enjoy" the free time.

Lovers and fighters are not found often among Ba'al's children, but don't think they can't strike back, when needed. It is because of their apparent weakness, or bleakness, that everyone tends to underestimate then; an attack against them often ends in a surprise, as they demonstrate how futile even such an attempt can be. Their real strength lies in undermining motivations, and social structures, so that they may decay - but if they have walked this path for some time, the children of Ba'al find surprising abilities to directly introduce entropy into the world. They may cause living creatures to become sick, just by talking to them for a while - or even just by looking into their eyes for a longer moment, taking away their will to resist a disease - and they may cause metal to rust with a mere touch. Their power over the domain of Sloth is not to be taken lightly, for in the end the unwillingness to act, or to act with enough power, can destroy even those things, pure power can not destroy. Such is the power of Sloth.


Unending hunger. Insatiable desired. Longing for what you can never reach: satisfaction. Lamashtu's face is always one of yearning, demanding more and more, and already she knows, her hunger cannot be satisfied.

Lamashtu's hunger extends well beyond the usual. Though she is not fat - rather even a little skinny (even though a demon lord's appearance can be almost anything she wishes to) - she always has some kind of food and drink around her, and constantly reaches out to devour something. She never stops and some of her servants, the most unlucky ones, always scuttle about her, bringing in new pleasures for their mistress to taste. If they are not fast enough, she will simply devour them.

Her unending hunger she shares with the vampires, whom she has taken a certain liking in. Sometimes Lamashtu urges her followers and children to get into closer contact with these undead creatures, and see if they can get them to devour more than just blood. Some whispers even speak of Lamashtu as being responsible for the vampire plague, or at least having a hand in it, but proof of something like that has never turned up.

Since Lamashtu's desires are insatiable, she always turns to new ways of consumption. Not finding anything that eases her hunger, she also gets pretty frustrated and short-tempered at times.

Lamashtu is said to have had a taste of every single other leader, each one in a different way, and never being satisfied. Some, like Ba'al or Abaddon took it well. She is one of the few, who does not fear Abaddon's wrath, even though she is not able to calm him or defend herself properly from him. Some others, like Lilith or Namaah took offense when Lamashtu in the end proclaimed, that she was not satisfied and sought to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, she is one of the binding forces as she has dealt with all the Lords and Ladies on her own terms, and offended or turned down every single one in the end - except for Belial. But slowly she even starts to lose interest in him.

What most of the other demon lords do not know about is, that Lamashtu once more and in secret welcomes messengers of Leviathan, who has maybe found a secret she is interested in. Or it is just another rumor.

As Lamashtu is constantly searching for new consumptions, she is also known for some rather weird ideas.

It goes without saying, that, like most demon lords, the lady Lamashtu should not be faced directly. Her presence causes unbearable hunger. The desire to eat and drink is so strong, that more than one unlucky soul is known to have stuffed itself to the point of bursting and yet unable to stop. Stuffed with food and drink to the utmost, and still hungry, this kind of death has become somewhat of Lamashtu's trademark.

Another big part of business also "belongs" to Lamashtu: Addiction. Be it legal like addiction to alcohol ot tobacco, or illegal like drugs, it all falls under her domain. In this field she also manages to work together well with Naamah, despite personal differences. Both of them have long realized, that for efficiency, personal reasons sometimes have to be pushed aside. Every now and then arguments between these two spark out nevertheless. Maybe this is one of the reasons, why there is so much violence connected to most addictions, too.

Children of Lamashtu spread Gluttony in the material plane. They sell drugs or drinks, or they bring their victims to consume in other ways. You may see their work on television every day, in commercials urging you to consume and consume and consume. When you go out to your favorite all-you-can-eat restaurant, you might just face a servant of Lamashtu running the show, or someone under one of her children's influence. Their faces can whisper a subtle temptation to you, but they can as well force you to feed and gorge yourself until death. The gangs and triads, especially the part dealing with drugs and addictive narcotics, are under firm control of Lamashtu's and Namaah's children, and even quite some doctors have fallen to Lamashtu's sin, with drugs so easily available to them, and pressure being applied by Lamashtu's servants all around them.

Whatever means they use, the chances are high that their victims won't easily stop. Maybe never again, until their bodies are destroyed by their gluttony, and their souls fall to hell for it.

So, as with most demon lords' servants it is hard to tell from sheer looks who is a child of Lamashtu. Their means of reaching the goal comes in so diverse shapes, that one has to look twice, to tell them apart from the rest. Succubi and Incubi or simple Warriors may not be seen as often among Lamashtu's servants, but she has her share of defensive forces, too, mostly skilled in the dirty ways of back alleys and slums. And as for sex-demons? Always remember, that feeding is a valid sexual fetish....


Namaah is often mistaken for a simple succubus, for her beauty and way of speaking, her gestures, her eyes, all call for this impression. She strongly resembles Lilith in these qualities, which is no surprise, when you know that Namaah is actually Lilith's sister. Namaah, however is nothing like she appears. Her beauty and display of pride are just a facade. A facade she often finds helpful, on her hunts for prices, possession, for the sin of Greed is her true domain.

Namaah's collection of material things is unimaginably huge. She collects everything from weapons to money, from art, to apparent trash. She collects it all, and stores it away. Most of the things that fall to her, are never seen again. She collects them, but hardly uses them. If anything of value appears and is noticed by her, you can expect it to be gone, and found again in her possession. For a priced posession every personal feeling, emption and friend can be forgotten. This notion is often misinterpreted as an air of superiority. Together with her beauty, her semblance of Lilith, she is seen as a Queen of Lust, but fall to her, and her lust takes away more than just your love. Namaah wants something, she gets it.

Namaah drives her victims into greed. They can never earn enough money, never possess enough wealth, they value anything physical over friendship and moral values. Her influence is found in the world of business, the world of sex, in every gambler. It is easily awakened in the poor and lazy.

Especially, when she pairs her powers with Lamashtu, the effect is impressive. Organized crime stems from this combination, especially the drug cartels, but also the legal industries of tobacco and alcohol fall under her and Lamashtu's domain.

Both of them often quarrel over differences, for Lamashtu does not care about Greed, nor does Naamah care about excessive consumption. In the world these differences can be felt as gang wars and marketing battles between rivaling companies. In the end, however, both Naamah and Lamashtu find a way to work together again and extend their power over the world even more.

For a long time, Namaah was to the other lords and ladies nothing more than Lilith's little sister, but lately the others have become increasingly wary of Namaah.

Leviathan envied her for her ways to get hold of things and wanted to acquire some of what she had - or maybe all of it; her position was then weaker than his and most of the other lords stepped in on her side, finally, as Namaah wished it, banishing him into the depth of the seas. However, it slowly occurs to the other lords, that Namaah may have planned this outcome, for shortly after this coup, some of Leviathan's tomes of magic and secret mysteries were said to have turned up in Namaah's possession.

And it seems since then, Namaah has gained Leviathan's respect. Though he stayed in the depth, she has visited there more than once lately, when the pact was formed. Voices whisper about Namaah and Leviathan exchanging knowledges and material goods. Maybe greed and envy in the end were meant to work together. Maybe Leviathan only waited for Namaah to overstep the shadow of her sister Lilith and display her power for once, and now that she did, he officially welcomes and respects her.

As do the other Lords now.

As a child of Namaah, you are often likely to possess the same qualities of beauty and superiority, children of Lilith possess. Sex is one of the easiest way to gain trust among the humans after all. But you are not after sex. You are after money. YOu drive your victims maybe into an addiction, especially, when also children of Lamashtu are involved, but also into consumption. You are controlling the market of collectors, you are deeply involved in anything concerning money. Many heads of companies or ambitious workers in them, who rather abandon all their feelings just to increase their personal gain, are influenced by children of Namaah.

That is not to say, everything is about sex and money with these children. Children of Namaah also appear in organized crime. They are dirty warriors, (very much alike to Lamashtu's methods in that regard) who see to money and things reaching the channels they were meant to. They like to work with blackmail and betrayal - but never too much, for if no one trusts you anymore, there is no greed to be spread anymore.

A last, remarkable portion of the children of Namaah consist of gamblers, or those who stay close to gamblers. You may be the ones, who show "professional gamblers" that is is possible, to device a system to actually gain from playing roulette or betting. After all you have nothing to lose. If the casino wins, you win, if the gambler wins, you win. You spread greed, and what methods you choose is up to you. If not sex, but being an unnoticed whisper in the background, you will play this role - only to threaten and push things at the right moment to keep the stones rolling.

Brood Status (ranking structure)

Status in Hell's Brood is achieved through loyalty, activity while in the game, accomplishments and maintaining character (we expect you, while in Lost Angels, to try and stay in character as much as possible. ). Costuming, that is taking pride in the appearance of your avatar, and over all creativity can attribute to and assist you in achieving and maintaining status within the Brood.

The status below is regarded as ones social status among the Brood it's self and as such should not be taken lightly.

This status can only be granted by the Archdemoness, Overfiends, Inquisitors and Knights of the Brood.

Some of these "ranks" have levels beside them. This is to show that you will not be given this status by any means before you are at least that level or within that level range. Achieving the required level for a rank does not necessarily entitle you to a higher/new rank automatically. A few ranks you will see indicate they are "demon only". It is exactly that, this rank is specifically reserved for the demons who make up the Brood and will not be, for any reason, granted to a non demon who serves the brood.

Note: The levels corresponding to the various status in the Brood do not make one automatically earn that rank. But rather make one eligible for that status/rank in the Brood.


The leader of the Brood, often referred to as "Mistress", "Demoness", "Queen", "Majesty", etc. She is responsible for seeing to the continued survival of and direction of the Brood in it's entiritey. All who make up the membership of the Brood answer to her and her officers who act in her stead and with her authority in matters of leadership and governing the Brood.


The "Overfiends" of the Brood are the elite of the elite. They are the head officers responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Brood and it's members. Like the Knights and Inquisitors, they are amongst the most trusted, loyal and highly trained Demons in the faction and answer only to the Archdemoness her self.


These are the most trusted and highly trained among the Brood. With a lot of experience and honing of skills,these Demons answer only to the Archdemoness and Overfiends. They provide training to those within the Brood of lower status, act as honor guard for the Archdemoness, provide support and protection for the Brood and it's territories as well as enforcers and executioners for the Archdemoness and the Brood. Knights are often considered to be equal to the Brood Queen/Archdemoness her self in power and cunning.


These are also among the Brood's most loyal Demons. They serve the same capacity as Knights and are for all intents and purposes equal in status to Knights of the Brood. Inquisitors answer only to the Archdemoness and Overfiends. Inquisitors investigate matters of interest of concern to the Brood. They act as ambassadors and execute diplomacy in the interest of the Brood and it's members. They may also act as judge and jury where internal matters are concerned and advise the Archdemoness on the best courses of action in handing out Brood justice. Inquisitors are often considered to be equal to the Brood Queen/Archdemoness her self in power and cunning.


A "Harbinger" of the Brood is a demon who has pledged him or herself to a specific demon lord and 'preaches' the teachings of that Lord to the world be they demon, human or another. These demons are like prophets for a demon lord, doing their will and spreading their influence across the face of the earth when ever possible. Their deeds and words are driven by a desire to see the will of their chosen Lord done no matter what the cost.


Brood Archons are amongst the most skilled and loyal Demons of the Brood. They have proven themselves to be committed and reliable to the service of the Brood and it's members. These members have demonstrated their willingness to serve the Faction over all and display characteristics that could potentially place them amongst the Brood's officers (knight/Inquisitor). These demons answer only to the Brood's officers and Archdemoness.


Those in the Brood with the status of "Deathwing" are considered to be highly trained assassins for the Brood. They are dispatched to execute enemies of the Brood as this is their primary function within the faction. Loyal and cunning, skilled and merciless, these individuals are given the opportunity to join the Brood it's self after climbing the ranks of the Deathwing faction. Through training and perseverance, these members have proven their commitment and loyalty to the Brood and it's ideals and are therefore considered to be staunchly loyal members of the Brood and answer only to the Brood's officers, regardless of their race.


These are the more experienced members of the LA Brood. Their bodies and spirits strongly tuned from greater experience in Hell and on Earth and can be powerful and formidable entities.

Proven demons who have been tested in loyalty and prowess, and survived the initial period of joining the Brood, these are Hell's warriors who have given themselves fully to sin and revel in their demonic origin.


This status represents full membership of the Brood and having passed ones probationary period.

++Hell Spawn++

Hellspawn represent demons freshly summoned from the demonic plane to the the mortal realm. The transition process invariably saps much of a demon's power, requiring much struggle to re-establish themselves within this new existence. The hardiest of the lot will be granted full status as Minions of the Brood, while natural selection will take care of the rest...This is the probationary rank for all who are invited to the Brood until they achieve full Minion status.

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