Hugebattles 009

The attacking forces entering the Minerva HQ

On the 31st January 2010, The Appalachia Battle took place in the region of Appalachia. Minerva Special Defense Forces, Tycho Wasp and its allies defended its stronghold against Eleventh Sentry, the newly formed Nairiax, the recently rebuilt ClearSky and Angelus Mortalus. Catalyst joined the conflict halfway through to assist the defenders. This battle featured a hugely diverse conflict of militaries and will go down as one of the biggest in TSL history. The attack lasted for approximately three hours.

Minerva Special Defense Forces claimed victory after the attackers failed to secure all three of their control points for a sufficient time.


At approximately 12pm SLT, the four attackers met up to discuss which military to attack. Minerva Special Defense Forces was said to be "convenient" as they were the only army with a large number of soldiers at their base. Minerva became aware of the battle after a group of ClearSky members teleported to the road outside the base. Upon contacting them, they were informed that they were about to be raided and the attackers jumped into the south side of the base. Immediately afterwards, Nairiax members began to teleport into their spawn on the East side of the base and began to attack. Eleventh Sentry and Angelus Mortalus soon followed.

The Battle

The battle took place under extremely laggy conditions due to the intense strain on the server. The amount of avatars stayed near 40, meaning that some reinforcements were unable to enter the base. The attackers captured the first control point and maintained it for almost the entire battle. The second capture point was taken shortly afterwards and shifted out of Minerva and enemy control. Halfway through the battle, Minerva Commander Martyr Dethly requested reinforcements from Catalyst who sent in soldiers to the lower section of the base. After a short while, the attackers were successfully pushed out of the bases gates and onto the fields. The attackers pulled out at approximately 3pm SLT.


After pushing the enemy back and recapturing all its control points, Minerva and its allies claimed victory for the battle.

Appalachia battle2

Minerva soldiers celebrating the end of the battle.

However, the attackers claimed that they had won after capturing all the control points twice in the battle - a victory Minerva denied due to their policy that all control points must be held for 15 minutes before victory.