The Alpha Marines were founded originally by Clemens Yosuke. They were then named the Ultra Marines. After Clemens Vanished, the Ultra Marines (UMAR) Began to fall apart. After several incidents where members openly Griefed sandboxes, Luke Dwi (An owner of UMAR With Clemens) Formed the Alpha Marines. AM Began to rise, in technology and reputation. Divisions were formed, money changed hands, land was bought, and AM Began to patrol sandboxes. Their first base was in Ninca, after a shooting that involved a rival military, they were forced to move on. AM Member bennyboy Ball then bought AM Land in Tails, opposite the SLSN Base of Psychwar. At that time AM and SLSN were at war and waged several long, brutal, sieges on each other. AM Moved to another part of Tails. They then went to own half a sim in Guide Island, but the Group Sparta, attacked and flagged it until the Land owner had had enough.

AMs lost their base during a war againts the ShadowTec.

Their land baron kicked them out.