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  • IMPORTANT update information regarding this wiki has been posted here! Please read!
  • Linden Lab announces that Second Life Instructor payments are to come to an end on December 9, 2006, with details and reasoning on the Linden Lab Blog
  • CopyBot, a program written by Libsecondlife, exploded onto the metaverse on November 14th, 2006 in a huge wash of controversy and backlash. Several shops shut down in both fear and protest, as well as a resulting reorganization of libsecondlife.
  • Changes to the Refer a Friend Program has been put in place, and for the better! Get those friends to upgrade to premium, and you'll get a bonus too.
  • In a rough week for Linden Lab, there were several Grid Attacks during the first week of October, resulting in a renewed effort to put new restrictions upon rezzing objects in upcoming patches, quotes the Linden Lab Blog.
  • The Second Life Railroad is expanding! Residents can bid on construction rights to one of Several construction plots, with a 15000 L$ completion bonus.
  • Linden Lab deals with all sorts of exploits and patches, causing concern to some merchants.
  • A Concierge Town Hall will be held on October 16th, 2006 to discuss issues dealing with estate and island owners. The meeting is by invite only, so send your invite requests to!