8th of July 2009 > Information supplied by Arwyn Quandry

At any given time, there is around 2,000 teens who have been active over the last 30 days. The usual TG concurrency is about 350 residents. Teen Grid is a very, very, very small place, with only about 200 sims, and less than 130 open to the public (the other 50 or so are private educational projects). The Teen website hasn’t been updated in about four years (the girl listed as a jewelry designer transferred years ago and promptly dropped out of SL).

Old TG Concurrency

During the first few months of Teen Grid Beta, the grid was restricted to those that were given an invite by an existing resident or Linden Lab. On August 7th, 2005 (7/7/05), Linden Lab lifted this limit and declared Teen Second Life (TSL) open, also putting up the Teen Grid website and publishing several articles. Later, on December 31, 2005 (12/31/05), at approximately 10:07 PM LST, TSL went completely 24/7. This lifted the 8-hour limit (duration of time teens were allowed on the grid a day - 12:00 to 10:00 SLT).

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